Spy Shots: A New Water-Cooled 1198cc Ducati Monster?

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Oh the ever *cough* elusive motorcycle spy photo, how we love to hate thee. No brand has been a greater “victim” of its pre-production motorcycle being caught by eagle-eyed photographers than Ducati, so it should come as no surprise then that first machine on the pre-EICMA buzz machine should be one from the Bologna brand — though cynicism, it is an interesting machine that has been spied.

Having the clear lines of the Ducati Monster line, our subject today has the curious oddity of being equipped with what appears to be a water-cooled Testastretta 11° motor, which is fitted with an exhaust that looks suspiciously like the lump found in the Ducati Diavel.

If the interwebs are correct, and this new Monster is indeed a 1198cc beast, then that means that we likely have a modern take on the Ducati Monster S4 on our hands, which should good for 150 hp of street terror.

News of this machine doesn’t surprise us here at Asphalt & Rubber, as we have been expecting the Ducati Monster line to move to water-cooled engines, as emission standards are constantly pushing beyond the boundaries of air-cooled engine designs, especially in the European market.

With Ducati showing a new Testastretta 11° motor for the Hypermotard and Hyperstrada, one would guess that the peppy 821cc v-twin would end up in the Monster line as well, since the two bikes’ predecessors also shared power plants.

That still may be the case though, since the Ducati Monster plays an important entry-point to the Italian brand’s product line-up; however, with this presumed 1198cc Ducati Monster on the horizon, the Italians clearly have another devious plan also in the works for 2014.

Like the S4R & S4RS, we  would expect the new Monster to be a curious oddity in Ducati’s line, and one that is meant for the more discerning Ducatisti who likes mega-horsepower in more streetable motorcycles. Plan on seeing this new Monster debut in November at the 2013 EICMA show, when all our question shall be answered.





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