Ducati Hypermotard SP Gets New Paint for 2015

07/24/2014 @ 11:28 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS


Mid-summer model releases usually mean “bold new graphics” on existing models, but that’s not always a bad thing. Take the 2015 Ducati Hypermotard SP, which is getting some new paint for the next model year. We were particularly smitten with the SP’s old graphics, but the Ducati Corse inspired livery for 2015 is certainly delicious.

Maybe our favorite bike in the Ducati lineup, the Hypermotard SP is a combination of wheelie hooliganism and sporty canyon-carving, folded into a practical urban assault vehicle — it even off-roads pretty well. As long as you don’t have to put too many highway miles down in one sitting, it’s hard to think of a better remedy for your moto-lust…and now it has bold new graphics.




Source: Ducati

  • article dan

    Nom nom

  • Brian stevens

    I… just want it. Now. My 1100 evo HM thrills me. But just looking at this minimalist pack of fun punch i surrender to thee motard. Seat ? Way too high. Throttle ? Strange wide by wire feeling. Wind protection ? None.
    Do i care ? No.

  • Well in that case, you could always get a Hyperstrada…

  • paulus

    IMO the 800cc versions have a nicer styling, would be cool if these also had the corse colour option.

  • I really do love the hypermotard. I had an 1100S I picked up on craigslist a few years back. The new version probably rides soooo sweet. Too bad they aren’t so much fun on the freeways :)

  • Ross

    With touring windscreen, mine wasn’t so bad on freeways.
    The bike is awesome, but climbing on/off got tiresome.

    Ultimately traded it in for a new Diavel. Easy on, easy off.

  • @ross – bud you sound lazy .. but i envy you the diavel

  • Norske

    not lazy, just short

  • Currently riding an “O8 1100S. Would love to know how they compare, and hopefully I will have an excuse to trade ! Does anyone have direct comparison experience ?

  • Brian stevens

    Do not trade. They don’t compare. I tested the Hyperstrada: fun, light, torkey. Got back on my 1100 evo Hyper: fun, light and huge loads of torque. No replacement for displacement.

  • Thanks Brian, I like the “no replacement for displacement” comment ! I tend to agree…maybe I’ll just add that Termi pipe and race ECU and save the rest .