UPDATE: The water-cooled 2013 Ducati Hypermotard has now been released by Ducati.

We have a sneaking suspicion that the 2013 Ducati Hypermotard 848 that has been spotted tramping about is going to be a very interesting motorcycle indeed; as from out perspective, Ducati seems set to consolidate the Hypermotard line into a single water-cooled model, while simultaneously offering a smaller-displacement multi-tasker that will slot in under the Ducati Multistrada 1200.

Our best view yet of the bike’s exhaust side comes from the folks at Moto Revue, as we see what looks to be a finalized exhaust can and a clear view of the HM848’s water-cooled Testastretta 11° motor. There has been tremendous confusion/controversy as to whether the spied machine is a new Hypermotard or Multistrada model, and the confusion is rightfully so, as the bike takes cues from both machines.

The seat is obviously dirt bike inspired, and is very similar to the current Hypermotard setup. Similarly, the nose/fender of the bike is a direct evolution of the Terblanche aesthetic, with the tank shape and side fairings furthering this likeness as they protrude forward.

Using the water-cooled 849cc Testastretta 11° motor though (we enjoyed this lump immensely while riding the 2012 Ducati Streetfighter 848), the 2013 Ducati Hypermotard 848 is treading into a space that was previously occupied solely by the Multistrada 1200, i.e. a water-cooled all-rounder with some off-road chops. This leads us to the conclusion that Ducati is opening a new role for the Hypermotard, which struggles for sales in just about every market except Italy.

A weaker component to the otherwise robust Ducati model line-up, the Bologna Brand is surely eyeing a new way to get sales going again for the Hypermotard. Getting pressure not only to consolidate its engine line-up to fewer models, the march away from air-cooled engines continues, as emission standards continue to increase. Seeing the strong sales of the Multistrada 1200, especially the cheaper base model, everyone expects Ducati to release an 848 version of the Multi.

Since a water-cooled Hypermotard would crossover too greatly with a smaller-displacement Multistrada, it makes perfect sense then that Ducati would combine those two models into a single unit (Multitard anyone?). Distinct enough from the Multistrada 1200, both in terms of displacement and form-factor, the 2013 Ducati Hypermotard 848 could be positioned to take advantage of the best aspects from both these machines, which is exactly what Ducati appears to be doing aesthetically from what we’ve seen of the bike thus far.

Expected to debut in November at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, time will tell what Ducati has up its sleeve, but there is considerable buzz regarding this bike, both in & out of Ducati HQ.

Source: Moto Revue

  • s2upid

    man that thing looks hot

  • AK

    I am so ready for new Multi… hope its a smaller Multi.

  • MikeD

    Really hope is a baby ‘Strada and not some Dorsoduro rival… (fingers crossed)…personally i have no use for such a kind-o-bike (Hypermotard) or a Duc for that matter, lol.
    But the subframe /tail section sure a shell don’t look like it has any provissions to carry luggage nor looks that beefy…just saying. Then again this is a Mule and pic is pretty grainy and shitty (im 110% sure this came str8 from Duc to drop-feed us and create some noise about it before it unveiling)…so…
    So ! What is it going to be ? !
    Belts for street oriented bikes and Gears for race replicas coming from Ducati in the years to come OR dumping the NEEDY/FINICKY Belt Drive all-together and going Expensive but Anvil reliable all gears in the future ?

    Their latest fad with the shock to the side anchored directly to the frame and swing arm sure is making life easy when it comes down to routing that rear header and maybe even tilting a bit the engine towards the back a la 1199, isn’t it ? LOL.

  • Looks like my kind of bike. I’m looking for something new and a Ducati could fit the bill nicely. As long as it isn’t called “Multitard” :)

  • johnc

    the hypermotard is a weaker component to the otherwise robust Ducati model line-up? really? on what planet? not here on the third rock from the sun, that’s for certain.

  • froryde

    Whatever it is, just make it light.

  • it looks heavier/uglier than a hypermotard (shame) and less useable than a multistrada (shame).

    the 848 engine is a much less nice road engine than the aircooled 1100 too…for me anyways.

    i’ll pass! i’ll have a duke 690 instead.

    the hypermotard may be a weaker model in businessplan-terms but on the road, it is the best ducati by far out there at the moment. :)

  • RJ

    How come “spy photographers” always have the shittiest cameras?

  • Damo


    He wasn’t say it was a “weak bike” he was just referring to weak sales. The Hypermotard is a great machine otherwise.

    I am keeping my eye on this machine as once my obsession with my RC51 comes to a close I am going back to a middle-weight naked bike. I am currently looking at the 675 Street Triple, The 848 Streetfighter and possibly this.

    I will have to put some “Hyper-Damotard” livery on it!

  • MikeD


    Haaaa…….i wonder too on this day and time when even a smart phone have an 8mega pixel shooter WITH FLASH ! and can record at 720p HD…it must be some mysterious powerful spell they had cast on the bike that curses it’s un-authorized photos making it blurry and grainy…yes, that is.

    That must be it…….LMAO. Hey, on a positive……at least their ways are not as FUDGED UP as Triumph’s when they were drip-feeding us those silly over-rated Tiger 800s.

  • Westward

    The bike is clearly a smaller displacement version of the Multistrada…

  • Hypermotard Nico

    “Multitard anyone?”……..Um that sounds multitarded. Clearly this thing will or at least should be called the Hyperstrada!!! Having once owned a 796 and ridden a 1100 hypermotard I a sure hope in their choosing to consolidate the hypermotard lineup that they ONLY part ways with the 796. I hope that they chose to keep the 1100 hypermotard a give it a face lift. For us bigger guys it’s much more pleasant having a liter between your legs on the chugging along freeways in and or around Los Angeles. I would be truly disappointed if the only future option to step up in displacement on a 848 hypermotard is to buy a 1200 multistrada. Things I liked about the new bike from the pictures: I really like the choice of placement of the exhaust, aftermarket cans are sure to look/sound great with the new arrangement, undertail is so damn hot, thank god they have fixed this decade long engineering disaster. It’s hard to see in this photograph but in some of the other “spy” shots, I also like that they have evolved the “beak” on the hypermotard, god that thing is fugly. I loved seeing the arrangement for the ohlins on the panigale when it was released earlier this year and to see that arrangement making its transition into other models is awesome! (Let’s just hope it doesn’t get recalled) I do not find the choice to ditch the trellis subframe appealing however. Or the loss of a dry clutch. It’s sacrilegious!!! The one thing I fear above all else is the continued production of the stock handguard/turn signal/fold out mirror assembly. I saw them installed on one of the first spy photos, they need to go, or else this thing may well indeed be dubbed multitarded.