Ducati Enduro Spotted Road Testing in Italy

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Ducati certainly has been taking its time in releasing details on its alleged BMW GS killer enduro bike. So until we get official reports, we’ll have to suffice with spy shots from Italy that seem to keep pouring in. This time around a pair of bikes was spotted in Costa of Rovigo, in between Padova (near Venice) and Bologna, by Andrea Böhm.

While far-away, this photo does reveal more about the bike than we have previously seen. For starters the front is more exposed, with less tape hiding the lines of the front fairings and fender. The effect is an almost sinister view from the side, with the headlights just coming above the bulge that is supposedly a part of the ram-air tubing

We can also see that the bike will have the now customary Ducati single-sided swing arm, and a dirt-bike styled tail section that is pointed, skinny, and long. Brakes are dual-discs up front, likely from Brembo, with a single disc in the rear. Suspension appears to be from Öhlins, and wheels from Marchesini. So all in all, pretty much what you’d expect from a Ducati at this point.

There’s no word on technical specifications, but previous rumors suggested a 1200cc air-cooled DS motor would power the bike, but now the reports seem to be consistently stating the bike will have the water-cooled Testastretta motor, which powers the recently released Ducati Streetfighter. This would mean a significant departure from the Multistrada roots the bike is supposed to have, and replace, but could also be a sign of Ducati’s move away from the air-cooled design entirely.