Ducati Desmosedici Cucciolo Concept by Alex Garoli

01/08/2015 @ 11:14 am, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS


Imagine if you will that the first Ducati, the Ducati Cucciolo, and the most modern Ducati, the Ducati Desmosedici, had a child — what would it look like? That far-fetched question nagged Mexican designer Alex Garoli, so he decided to build a concept of the machine.

At the core of the Ducati Desmosedici Cucciolo is the V4 powerplant of Italy’s MotoGP race bike, and around it Garoli has imagined a modern steel trellis frame that mimics the bicycle frame look of the post-WWII motorized bicycles that pulled Italy out of deep recession.

Of course the most interesting thing about Garoli’s concept is the fact that it’s a ~12:1 scale model. The work is pretty exquisite, even if you don’t agree with the concept’s ethos. Check out the photos after the jump.














Source: MotoBlog.it

  • Love the drum brakes. That’s a nice touch.

  • @DaveMinella

    Yep, 200HP + drum brakes. What could go wrong?

  • Keith

    Perfect for the next Wallace & Gromit movie!!


  • sideswipe

    Beautiful model work but how NO can you go?

  • tony

    jensen, this is way beneath you, and us. blurry images of a model…and the castings look like they re from deepest china…oh yeah, and did i mention it’s a model ? guess as long as it says ducati huh?

  • FranktheTank

    I have to agree. I love all of the truly excellent content this site brings but, this seems just as cheesy as the click-bait bull crap on Facebook. Come on Jensen!!!

  • AndrewF

    It’s not that there are no words to describe this concept, it’s just that they could not be published here…

  • You guys must have been much better at making scale models as kids than I was…

  • Keith

    Well I really like this bike–not only is the modelling good but it has some neat ideas. I like the way the seat frame attaches independently to the engine case–at least it did in the sketch then he seems to have added a connection to the rest of the frame later.
    I find that sometimes when you scratch-build something like this it takes on a life of its own, and it’s a really fun and enlightening process to let things develop as they go. Some great things are invented in this way and for this reason alone I think it’s great to have put it up here…


  • This model is an ace, I would love to have it in my collection!!!
    The pictures don’t do justice though, and it seems that many readers-commenters don’t like variety…
    It is strange to me though, because I like everything about the lifestyle that surrounds a gearhead. Jensen don’t grind down ;)
    As for those who say that in real world this would be a -no go-, let me remind you the exciting Proton KR V5 Tracker.

  • sideswipe

    @ Geokan & Keith,

    If it has to be explained why building a circa 1920’s tech chassis around a 21st century MotoGP derived motor is a bad idea then maybe fantasy model building should be as close as you get to motorcycles. A spindly non triangulated tubular backbone frame, hard tail, similarly spindly girder forks, 2.5×19 flat track style wire wheels, drum brakes, & a 200+HP motor?! Yes the design might take on a life of it’s own. Yes it might be exciting. Similarly to building a Wright Bros canvas & wire airplane around an F16 jet engine. Serious hillbilly Darwin awards entry material.

    Totally appreciate fantasy & model making & such. This is nifty as such. It would be equally feasible in the real world if he added a warp drive & some photon torpedo tubes to it.

  • paulus

    It is slow news time for our loved sport.
    I appreciate having something different to view…. cheers.

  • Hi my friends, Thanls for your good comment and for the critcism, because that helps me to improve my models, I know pictures need more quality, im working on it, this a prototipe model made just for passion for the Ducati History, and the bike that inspired me was the Hagakure Morimoto one, a big Harley engine on a board tracker frame, only with rear disk brake…..safe?, possible? rideable? may be not, but amazing brutalist concept.
    Scratchbuil bikes are difficult to make, specially to align frame and parts, so some pieces may look a little unreal, but scratc pieces in good quality models add amazing details to modeles, here is an example non my 1/12 Yamaha Laguna Seca Rossi bike:
    Thank guys for watching.

  • j.davis

    Please make this go away.