Ducati 599 Mono Concept – Drool Worthy

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Keeping today’s trend of showing off designer concept motorcycles, we bring you Dan Anderson‘s stunning Ducati 599 Mono. You may remember Anderson as the man behind the Voltra electric concept that made its way around the internet not too long ago. Well he’s back and his latest pen work is jaw-dropping. With a 352lbs dry weight, and big single cylinder thumper of a motor, we could see this Ducati embarassing some wouldbe racers on any given Sunday Morning Ride.

Effectively taking the Ducati Evoluzione 1198 motor and lopping a cylinder off of it, the 599 mono displaces, as you might guess, 599cc’s, and uses four valves to get air in and out of its massive single cylinder.

Anderson doesn’t go as far as to ponder power output figures, but we’d expect a bike like this, if it were to come to reality, to be a torque monster…and to sound really, really, really good. The concept is set to rival the rumored KTM RC4 motorcycle, which is expected to come from a similar inspiration as the 599 Mono.

However, chances are probably close to zero that Ducati would make such a bike, but an enterprising garage hobbist might take up the challenge. If so, make two…we’d like one.

Source: Coroflot via TwoWheelsBlog