XXX: 21 Hi-Res Shots of the Ducati 1299 Superleggera

12/29/2016 @ 12:17 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

Did Santa forget to put a certain carbon fiber superbike under the tree this Christmas? Us too.

Since we aren’t one of the lucky 500 people who will be receiving the Ducati 1299 Superleggera in 2017, we will have to make do with appreciating Ducati’s latest halo bike from a distance.

Ducati officially lists the 1299 Superleggera as making 215hp and weighing 156kg dry, though with the installation of the included race kit that peak horsepower figure pops to 220hp, while the dry weight drops to a near-nothing 150kg. OMGWTFBBQ.

Numbers aside, the truly astounding part of the Ducati 1299 Superleggera is its carbon fiber chassis, a first for a production motorcycle.

Make no mistake, the Bologna firm has been continuously pushing the boundaries of what defines a superbike, and it has been interesting to watch other brands react to their creations.

There might be a lot of talk about the death of sport bikes, but we argue that they have never been more intriguing.

You won’t find any photos of the Ducati 1299 Superleggera at a higher resolution than the ones after the jump. Enjoy!

  • Superlight

    Love it but don’t understand the paint scheme which has the white band on the fuel tank colliding with the one on the fairing. Usually Ducati designers nail this sort of thing.

  • H.L.

    Respect, but I only study the ways of the Ninja.

  • Steve

    Man, another city bike…. where are all the trackers? /s

  • Superlight

    With all due respect to the Ninja fans out there, I believe Ducati is one of only a few companies who could/would show and sell such a machine. Kawasaki? Great race teams, but what do they sell that’s exciting to Joe Public?

  • MikeD
  • MikeD
  • MikeD

    I needed this tonight. VEEEEERY soothing in the old eyes. C’mon Lottery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jake woods

    Thanks alot for mentioning that…. I cannot unsee it and it is bugging the hell out of me.

    Add another reason to not buying this bike ( the other one being I cant/wont be willing to spend over 20k on a bike)

  • RL

    I dunno what qualifies as exciting to you, but the H2R and ZX-10RR are not exactly boring.

  • nick2ny

    Amen. Grip-racing screams noughties.

  • Ian Miles

    It doesn’t. It is to break up the usual and cliched straight on style where the thin red line on the fairing would just continue to the rear. It also reflects how the paint scheme on the 2016 MotoGP bike looks.

  • Superlight

    I guess the H2/H2R would be the closest Kawis to this Superlegerra – powerful, rare and expensive. Those machines are interesting from a powertrain point of view, but they puzzle me- exactly what are they for anyway? Road racing? No, too heavy. Drag strips? Probably, but without an extended swingarm they can’t get all that power to the ground. Cruising? I don’t think so. Are they ugly? Absolutely.
    The 10RR has proven itself in road racing, but what is sold to the public is quite different. Not boring, but not anywhere close to this Superlegerra in execution and, admittedly, price.
    Just not a Kawasaki fan.

  • victor victor bravo

    I feel like that dual exhaust belongs on a chromed out Thai grocery ped.