Ducati 1199 Streetfighter Concept by Shantanu Jog

09/15/2014 @ 3:46 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS


One of the reason we show concept sketches here on Asphalt & Rubber is to help churn the imagination of our more creative two-wheeled brethren, so it warms my soul a little bit when a reader sends me something they’ve produced, which is due in part to their daily A&R patronage.

As such, A&R reader Shantanu Jog sent us these sketches he did of a 1199-based Streetfighter. As good Ducatistas will know, the chassis of the Panigale creates some challenges for a fairing-less machine, and then there is the whole thing about how the Ducati Streetfighter as model never really sold well for Borgo Panigale.

Still, for those who like their superbikes with a little less plastic, the idea of an 1199 Streetfighter is certainly appealing — we even hear that Ducati considered such a model, but has since forward with the liquid-cooled Monster 821 & Monster 1200 takeover that niche from the Streetfighter line.

So while Ducati might be breaking our naked-bike hearts, we hold true to our original ethos, and provide you again with some fodder for your imagination. Enjoy the sketches after the jump.



Source: Behance

  • MikeD

    THE LAST ONE ! That’s HOT STUFF ! I would totally hit that ! B-)

  • dlm

    Was just thinking about this. BMW has the s1000rr and the naked version, the s1000r, which are sold before they hit the showroom floor. Same engine, different tune map, less faring, and with handlebars and upright stance. The Monster 1200s probably fills this niche, however one has to wonder how well they would be selling if called the “Panigale Streetfighter” and marketed as such.

  • Richard Gozinya

    To get any of those to actually function would require a serious re-engineering effort. The radiator on the Panigale is really big. And from what I’ve seen, that bike, sans fairings, is inherently hideous. Moreso than most liquid cooled bikes in fact.


  • DogDBountyHunter

    I miss my 1098 SF-S a lot. I’d buy one if they made it based off the Panigale and of course a METAL gas tank. Please please please!

  • BBQdog

    Perfect example why design should be left to the Italians, sorry to say ….

  • ML

    Great concepts. Especially that last one. Of all the designs for a street fighter version of the 1199, these are the best, IMO. Its hard to make that large and stalky motor look good naked. I think Shantanu did great.

  • Matt Higgins

    I can draw an abstract set of silly bodywork and exhaust too! Will that get me on the site, or do I need some name recognition?

  • That last one is lovely. Absolutely lovely.

  • I love my 1098 street fighter
    // would fall flat to own a panegali 1199 or 899 as a factory street fighter – I love that motor & the size/weight

  • anon

    but so gay exhaust system :'(