I think in 2016, we will find that the whole post-authentic motorcycle movement officially jumped that shark right about at this point in time. The 2015 EICMA show was inundated with café racers and scramblers from manufacturers that wanted to cash in on the budding trend.

Now with Deus ex Machina up for sale and no Honda CB350 left behind, the industry feels ready for the next moto du jour – though not before we give it one last go, of course.

The Ducati 1199 Panigale isn’t exactly the best donor to a café racer build, but it certainly is an intriguing one. The guys at AD Koncept have dreamt up that idea, finding a stylish solution to Ducati’s Superquadro power plant and its “frameless” chassis.

The effect is interesting, though there are obvious drawbacks to using the superbike as a starting point, namely the plumbing for the exhaust and radiators.

It’s worth pointing out, that one should compare the above with the creation from Krax Moto, which designed a Panigale-based café racer off of Pierobon’s trellis frame for the 1199.

Source: AD Koncept via AcidMoto.ch

  • TwoWheelLoo

    Fuuuuuuck! I waaaant! BTW @jensenbeeler, been listening to the podcast, friggin’ awesome. Makes my commute to work so much better!

  • Ian Miles

    There is alot to like about this bike. The colours of the exhaust, tank and old Ducati Logo. Cleaning up the 1199 under the fairing is not easy but looks tidy. Seeing the other side would be good. Clearly for a sad and lonely Hipster, two seats please.

  • Go-Gurt Fan

    Too much gold. It looks like something Trinidad James would rap about.

  • El Apestoso

    Meh, it’s no Walt Siegl Leggero.

  • Superlight

    I understand the attraction of a very basic motorcycle – two wheels, a fuel tank, seat and engine, and then I don’t. Why would anyone build such a machine, with 200 HP, without some basic bodywork to deflect the wind at the speeds this machine is capable of?

  • coreyvwc

    No one ever publishes left side photos of liquid cooled Ducati naked bikes, and for good reason. The radiator plumbing is just awful looking… haha

  • chris

    because these are for poseurs… not for uh… goseurs.

  • Surya De

    yeah that’s pretty farking hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gillis

    “Less is more”, and this is too much.