A Panigale-Powerd Ducati Monster Looks Really Good

12/07/2015 @ 12:44 pm, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS


I’m not a fan of the Monster line from Ducati. There, I said it. There is just something about the Monster models over the years that has failed to strike me as appealing, though I must say the latest crop of liquid-cooled Monsters has certainly been a step forward for me, visually.

I’m more of a fan of the Ducati Streetfigther lineup, and I still hope that Ducati has a new Streetfighter design somewhere on its design boards. Ideally, such a machine would have a Superquadro engine at its heart, and accordingly make big horsepower numbers that rip our eyeballs from our sockets.

The fate of the Streetfighter line remains to be seen though, and with each passing model year I expect to see the Streetfighter 848 finally leave the Italian company’s lineup. It would seem the Streetfighter is kaput as of the 2016 model year. -JB

As such, the Monster line could be Ducati’s only naked bike model, any year now. So, if time is really against us, and if the Monster really is to be the only naked bike from Ducati, I hope the future iterations take a lesson from this concept.

The concept here was inked by Simon Linot, for a design contest held by Ducati France. In it, you can see that Linot has put together an intriguing use of Ducati’s superbike engine in its venerable street bike model.

The Superquadro engine is perhaps not the best engine choice for the Ducati Monster, especially considered how poorly suited the models are for the race track, which means the Superquadro’s race-focused design would be brutal for low-speed street life.

There is after all a reason why Ducati is using its 821cc and 1200cc Testastretta 11° engines in the Monster lineup, currently. The 11° valve overlap on the updated Testastretta engine makes for a fairly controllable engine at slow city speeds, and thus is better suited for machines that will live in that environment.

This idea was perhaps the downfall of the Streetfighter models, especially the 1098 versions – which were a chore to ride below 25 mph. The Streetfighter 848 is more manageable than its large-displacement sibling, but the model is slowly aging.

As such, the time is coming when Ducati will have to decided whether to revamp the Streetfighter line, or finally let it die.

That all being said, the “Ducati 1199 Monster X” that we are looking at here is an interesting proposal. Certainly something worth chewing on, and hopefully it percolates some ideas in Bologna about reviving the Streetfighter model lineup.

Source: Racing Café

  • Ian Miles

    Looks pretty good though the front cylinder exhaust would be better routed like the 998. Would look cleaner, if it could be done.

  • Ryan Donahue

    That’s not a bad looking bike. Put some proper forged Marchesini wheels on there to match the rest of the lines of the bike, and you have yourself a nice little scooterbike.

  • Keith

    I thought the Streetfighter was already gone as of this year? It’s no longer on their website except under the archived models….so I think she’s gonzo.
    As for this one…yeesh….maybe if you change the headlight and seating areas, but…

  • coreyvwc

    It’s worth noting that the gas tank on this rendering is pulled strait from the Monsters of previous generations. (the ones with the plastic tanks).

    The tanks on the newest generation of Monsters are a bulbous mess of disjointed shapes, as is most of the bike…

  • Right on are…and there you have it.

  • chris

    i love bikes with no brake lines, wiring harnesses, mirrors, etc… i mean, if you’re going to have an unridable fantasy, why not a fantasy with at least dry clutch?

  • David Harris

    No it looks like a high maintenance over priced piece of shit…Beeler.

  • Shantanu Jog

    This looks neat!

  • SteaminSteven

    the Scrambler is a ‘naked’ byke no?

  • Superlight

    Not sure I understand the purpose of this machine. A motor designed for the track combined with a bike missing any aerodynamics to actually use that performance. Like the Streetfighter models, the answer to a question few people are asking.

  • silas laubmann

    Is the Scrambler not naked? It is taking the Monster’s place as Ducati’s standard. They need a new & accessible Monster also. There is a reason this motor is not in a Monster or SF. It is designed for high rpm power & not low end torque-see Superlight’s comment. The SF never sold much and owners say it wasn’t a great track bike either. With no reason to be and only a few hearty fans why would they continue the SF? (I love it too but my souped up M900 will do)

  • grahluk

    This reminds me somewhat of the Spanish guys Radical Ducati & their custom builds. This is probably not far off of what they’d do with that motor. Ducati themselves have me all confused with their naked bikes. Not feeling their naked sport bikes. I think they’ve lost the plot somewhat. The current Monsters are all kinds of fugly. The S2R was the last Monster I thought was something special.

  • appliance5000

    apart from the scrambler and the motards and that cruiser thing, you’re right – the only remaining naked bike in the line up.

  • Simon Linot

    I did this sketch for the Ducati France design contest.
    My name is Simon Linot

  • Great design, Simon!