From the Ashes: Ducati 1198S Scuderia by Red Fenix

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If you’re going to do something wrong, do it right. So when it comes to Ducati’s, instead of spending the $20k+ on 1198 S, or $40k+ on a 1198R, go all the way and get a Red Fenix 1198 S Scuderia…actually, don’t.

For about €100,000 more than the sticker price of a 1198S, you can get the Scuderia by Red Fenix, and enjoy your near WSBK handling chassis.

You might feel some sticker shock as you ride up to your local cappucino pusher though. With the Red Fenix treatment you do get 17″ magnesium wheels, 47mm K-Service forks, carbon fiber bodywork, and 10+ hp, but that seems a paltry performance increase for the price considering you could get a 2010 1198R for likely half the price.

If you buy this motorcycle, we have a bridge in Brooklyn we’d like to sell you.

Source: Red-Fenix