Ducati Supersport R Concept by Oberdan Bezzi

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When we first heard that Ducati was bringing back the Supersport line, we were excited. The original SuperSport wasn’t exactly the best selling model for the Italian brand, but Ducati created some loyal enthusiasts with the half-faired sport-touring machine.

The new Ducati Supersport does a good job of tapping into the ethos of the old model, but visually it draws too close to the Ducati 1299 Panigale Superbike, rather than the lines of yore.

Here, Oberdan Bezzi plays another one of his “what if” games, drawing an air-cooled Supersport model (based off the current Scrambler platform), complete with the more classic half-fairing design. 

Oberdan’s vision plays with new and old elements, with the DesmoDue engine and half-fairing drawing from Ducati’s heritage, while the modern suspension pieces, Akrapovic race exhaust, and 2018 MotoGP livery colors help keep things in the here and now.

The effect is quite strong, with the concept sketch looking particularly enticing.

We’re not sure how big the market is for another air-cooled Supersport, especially with the current water-cooled one in the lineup, but there certainly are older riders who long for exactly such a thing that Bezzi has created here.

More realistically though, a half-fairing design for the current Ducati Supersport model could be interesting.

Similarly, as Bezzi suggests here by using the Scrambler chassis and engine, it could make for an interest model for Ducati’s heritage focused brand: Scrambler Ducati.

A niche within a niche, it is hard to say though what the real market is, but Ducati has been filling the gaps between established segments, as of late, so perhaps anything is possible.

Source: Oberdan Bezzi