Dragon King Valkyrie by Whitehouse

11/30/2010 @ 6:52 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

Japanese custom shop Whitehouse has taken a stock Honda Valkyrie and turned it into the Ryuuzin, or Dragon King. Bordering on what looks like a classier take on the Judge Dredd Lawmaster motorcycle (crossed with a locomotive?), Whitehouse has taken careful attention to detail on this 700 lbs (curb weight) behemoth. Large and sinister, Ryuuzin is probably not suitable for the crowded urban streets of Japan, but the Valkyrie platform should provide a comfy touring platform for the Dragon King (and its passenger) on the open road.

There is no room for a pillion though, which makes you wonder if a Dragon Queen will be in the works as well (please dear God kill me). Consisting of a very Japanese style that’s not likely to catch on here in the United States (we will just have to suffice with our Honda Runes), you still have to appreciate the workmanship that went into this bike, and give points for not following the masses. Photos after the jump.

Source: Whitehouse & Atari-San Kustoms via The Kneeslider

  • pak pandir


  • 76

    This bike scares me and not in a good way.

  • gnmac

    About as ugly as that new Ducati cruiser…

  • Ades

    Holy Crap……. That thing looks like it was made by Lucifer himself and would rip your arms off just parked at the lights! From the Foot pegs/Seating/Handlebar positioning it looks like you would be laid out over that tank like you were trying to crawl back up inside the womb………

    I LIKE IT!!!

  • Hayabrusa

    I’m with pak – holy Shnikees, this thing is baaa-aaddd!!

  • Skratman

    If the engine hasnt been upgraded its just a valk with some nice shapes stuck on it…… Like Ades says, it would be interesting riding it more like a racer rather than the normal cruiser sit up jobby. Its not going to be any faster than the normal valk though… 1oo bhp.