DR Moto – The Ultimate Yamaha R1 Track Bike

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The Yamaha YZF-R1 is a fantastic machine, in just about any iteration you can find. A potent weapon on the track, the R1 might not have all the bells and whistles that are found on European superbikes, but the Japanese liter-bike makes up for it with precision handling, great reliability, and gobs of tractable power.

This is great for two-wheeled enthusiasts, who ride the twisties or at local track days, but Yamaha’s crown jewel poses as a tough mark to beat when someone goes looking for something “more” from the design. DR Moto might have that answer though, for track enthusiasts who want something closer to what they see on Sunday’s race day, without the compromises that come with production/street machines.

Making over 200hp out of its British Superbike-spec engine, the real beauty of the DR Moto is its custom chassis; as it should be, since behind the project is British engineering firm Reynolds Engineering, which supplies hard parts to teams in BSB, WSBK, and MotoGP, along with Barry Ward, who worked with Kenny Roberts Sr.’s MotoGP team.

At £89,500 (~$150,000), the DR Moto isn’t for everyone…not even close. Reynolds Engineering says that the DR Moto comes with MotoGP-spec equipment (CRT-level, that is), and you will find all the usual suspects in the build: Brembo monoblock calipers, Marchesini forged magnesium wheels, and Öhlins shock (TTX36) and forks (FG 386), while the traction control is done by MoTeC.

While that price range won’t buy you true MotoGP-spec equipment that Reynold’s is touting in its marketing (the Factory Option equipment is near unobtanium), the DR Moto certainly comes with some impressive top-shelf kit, and an “affordable” price tag for what those components go for on the open market.

The 200+ horsepower is a real piece of work, with its Nova close-ratio gearbox. Able to handle clutchless downshifts and upshifts, as well as auto-blipping the throttle when going down through the gears, the DR Moto brings the extra race-bike only features that you don’t see on street-going machines.

If you want to impress your friends with what could have been a great CRT package, here’s your chance. We doubt you’ll see too many of them at your local track day, and that’s sort of the point.







Source: DR Moto

  • 999

    i came.

  • highside specialist

    Quite a lethal package they put together. I’d love to have a spin around the track on it.
    – BTW, the video needs more cymbal crash.


  • keiths04

    he was definately haulin ass down the straight! yikes

  • KSW

    Yamaha USA should be giving one to Josh Hayes, no questions ask.

    Trust Fund Babies unite. “Daddy, Please….”

  • Paulo

    The first paragraph………what else needs to be said.

    That bikes BADASS…….nice job Mr Moto

  • Stephano

    Now we are talking!!!! Worth each and every penny if you can afford one!

  • they should have Josh riding in the video… Guy was on cruise control around the turns, nice bike though. Desmo front fairing???

  • meatspin

    should I buy this or the 2015 R1 homologation special?

  • tony

    oh i dunno guys…and i’m a yamaha man to the core. current bike is a 98 r1 road/track special, fave bike ever was a 93 fzr600. seriously…

    anyway, would you rather have a new s1000rr, a new triumph 675r and a new porsche cayman gts and 35 grand in the bank or…this?

  • paulus

    All suppliers have already invested in the hard work of development for BSB…. why not sell a few ‘to order’ units to the wealthy track day crowd!

    Good luck to them

  • Smitch

    First reported in this months Performance Bikes Magazine…best little sportsbike mag on the planet.

  • I take this up against the new Ducati any day of the week, send that Italian crap home with its tail between its legs after one lap.

  • mxs

    150K?? … LOL

  • tony

    easy now mxs…dont let trane see you talking like that! (j/k)