Demonstener D1200R BMW Comes to Life

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What started out as a concept, dreamt up by Pablo Gonzalez de Chaves and Carlos Beltran Carrión, the Demonstener D1200R has finally come to life. Producing a very limited quantity of 5 motorcycles, Demonstener has its D1200R up on eBay with a Buy-it Now price of €50,000.

If the nearly $75,000 price tag is a bit much for your wallet, consider that this represents the alleged cost to produce the D1200R. Without going further into the concept of defraying fixed costs over a larger production run, we’ll suffice it to say that any owner for a D1200R will certainly have a unique motorcycle. Furthering that vein, Demonstener says that the bikes will be custom-tailored to buyer specifications, including rims, materials, paint, and even the framework.

This isn’t the first BMW concept we’ve seen with hub-steering and other assorted goodies, but is the first we’ve seen go into some form of production. If you’ve got the cash, and a passion for boxer engined motorcycles, this could well be your ticket.

Source: Demonstener via The Kneeslider

Jensen Beeler

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