Confederate P120 Fighter Breaks Cover

08/02/2009 @ 5:55 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS


Confederate Motorcycles is back with their latest motorcycle post-Katrina, the P120 Fighter. Taking similar cues from the Wraith, sans the giant carbon front spars, the Fighter is made out of copious amounts of the polished hard stuff. Built around an aluminum frame, the center-piece of the bike is the machine’s 1966cc v-twin motor, making 160hp and 145lbs•ft of torque.

You can get your first glipse of the P120 Fighter at the Quail Motorsports Gathering in Carmel, California this coming August 14th, which is a part of the famous Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

No word on price or delivery times yet, but figure on somewhere along the lines of a donor kidney or unicorn tears. You would think for the price though, some snazier wheels would come with the package. Maybe that’s just how things are done down South.


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  • JR

    Beautiful bike, reminds me of the Terminator. I love how there is an ubroken line from the top of the “tank” all the way to the rear wheel bearing.

  • Absolutely amazing bike. It’s their best design yet. Very industrial yet still sleek and sexy. I totally disagree with your statement about the wheels. They’re perfect. Very nice looking and simple, which is what a bike like this needs. You don’t want to distract attention from the other details. Plus, they’re beautiful carbon fiber jobs. What’s wrong with that???

  • JR

    Going to agree with Gary there also, I think the c-f wheels are simple and understated and nice. No need for blingy wheels here.

  • Jenny Gun

    Yeah, nothing wrong with carbon wheels…especially from a utilitarian point of view (which I take a lot in my articles), so I’ll give you that. Maybe the pictures don’t do it justice (Carmel isn’t far from SF, so we might make it down for the Concours and check the bike out), but to me I look at all this detailed metal work, and I get to the wheels and feel underwhelmed. It might be because they’re the basic 5-spoke design that OEM’s seem to have cast their alum. wheels in.

    Anyways, a bike with a style as unique like this, is going to be subject to a lot of subjective thought. The wheels are mine. For the record, best looking bike I’ve ever seen is the Wraith. To me, this is an assault on that perfect bike.

  • Confederate P120 Fighter Breaks Cover – Asphalt & Rubber Insane Bike!!

  • As a former designer at Confederate (REL AMERICA GT) I continue to be dumbstruck by the ever evolving offerings from Mat. Again, the Wraith will probably always be my favorite. J.T. Nesbit’s early efforts were equally matched by Mat’s thoughtful refinement of the Wraith.

    As for this P120- great effort. I’m not totally on board with the “simple shapes” methodology of inspiration, however it’s easy to see they have pushed the envelope on this one, I think to great result.

    In spite of years of purposeful neglect by the motor press, Chambers has kicked the door off it’s hinges and shown us all what can be done when a fertile mind meets a high powered computer, without the restrictions of large corporate bureaucracy.

    Mat, Not bad. Not bad.

    -Richard Lee

  • Josh

    Matt did not re design the Wraith. Ed Jacobs and Brian Case did. As for the Fighter, that was an Ed Jacobs creation with a fair amount of functional input from myself and the 2 other fabricators. We built that bike from the ground up in a little over a month and had it on the salt 2 days after it’s completion.
    This bike may look “simple” but there is nothing simple or easy about it. I probably have close to 40 hours of tig time in each one. They look great in pictures, but do yourself a favor and see one in person.

  • I absolutely love this bike. It is one of my favorite bikes I have ever seen.
    I think it look even rawer in matte black.