Confederate is readying its next iteration of its Hellcat series, posting these CAD renderings of the Confederate C3 X132 Hellcat on its website. Originally set to debut on Halloween of this year, Confederate has pushed back the launch date to the second quarter of 2011. For a bike that seemingly only exists on a computer screen, Confederate is being rather cheeky with its tech specs, simply stating that the new Hellcat will have 145 lbs•ft of torque, while listing the horsepower as “sufficient”.

The C3 X132 Hellcat will come in two chassis versions: a raked out Roadster (30° rake, 64.5″ wheelbase) and a Fighter model (23.5° rake, 61.5″ wheelbase). Power comes from the purpose-built 132 ci 52° S&S v-twin motor, which is mated to Confederate’s proprietary 5-speed transmission. Completing the package are Brembo brakes, Race-Tech suspension, and a HID headlight, while the final weight of the bike will be 475 lbs.

Confederate originally set out to take a piece of Harley-Davidson’s premium market with a price of  $39,750, which has now swelled to $45,000. We doubt that’ll affect the limited production run much, but you’ll still need to put down a $2,250 deposit to get your hands on one. It’s hard to judge how a bike will look when it leaves the computer screen, but there’s no doubt that the latest Hellcat will live up to the quality of its predecessors. As for us, we’ll pass…we’re really Wratih sort of guys.

Source: Confederate via The Kneeslider

  • BikePilot

    The swingarm looks a little too long and I’m still not convinced re the no tailsection thing. Otherwise looks pretty sweet. I’d guess it’d be good for some quick quarter mile times. It might be a tad tricky to wheelie with the weight all up front and the long swinger due to wheelspin, but its hard to say.

    A fully pimped out S&S 135 is good for about 150-160hp as reported by tuners (so on a optimistic dyno and probably at the crank). It’ll be pretty much finished by 6,000 rpm given the bore/stroke and engine design. Should be an absolute blast with that much torque off the bottom and still enough hp to keep most sport bikes in sight for a good while.

  • Isaac

    Someone please go slap their designer around. WTF is this supposed to be? The old Hellcat looks way better than this. First my eyes had to choke down the Fighter now this thing.

  • Mike L.

    Fucking Junk!

  • Seth

    Guess I’m the only one that thinks this looks bad ass.
    Then again I own a Rocket III so sporty, over the top(some would say ugly) cruisers are my thing.

  • Jake Fox

    If they were using Quasimodo as the inspiration for this motorcycle well, they succeeded.

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  • Brij

    Really?? this Matt chambers must live in a bubble of some sort! he seems so full of himself!! almost looks like he picked a bunch of specs off the sheet and is trying to justify its use on the bike! I have loved the previous designs of the hellcat, this one.. not so much!!! At least the pricing seems a little realistic compared to their ridiculously high priced machined pieces of metal!

  • MikeD

    I would HIT that. Then again, i LOVE the latest V-MAX…I guess that says it all. LOL.

  • Jake Fox

    “A swing-arm pivot that literally could pull a train of 1,000 cars.” I’d like to see that claim tested. Is it just me or is the latest trend in marketing to follow Apple’s example of company executives in interview style commercials making straight-faced ridiculous exaggerations about their products?