Confederate C2 P-51 Fighter — Pierre Terblanche’s Latest Motorcycling Creation

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It has been over two years since we saw a new motorcycle from Confederate Motors, but you would be wrong to think that the boutique Southern brand has been sitting idly by all this time.

Earlier this year, Confederate added esteemed motorcycle designer Pierre Terblanche to its ranks, and now we get to see the first fruition of the South African’s influence on the American motorcycle company.

Announcing today the Confederate C2 P-51 Fighter, Terblanche has created Confederate’s second-generation model of the Fighter line — no easy feat to build upon, as Terblanche calls the original fighter one of his all-time favorite motorcycle designs.

Available in June/July of 2014, the 2015 Confederate C2 P-51 Fighter features a number of improvements over the original design, according to Terblanche. One notable statistic is that the C2 Fighter drops 40 lbs off the weight of the Fighter’s cylinder crank cases alone.

Only 31 specimens of the C2 Fighter will be made available to Confederate customers, which according to the render above, should be a truly unique piece of motorcycling art.

Source: Confederate