For Sale: Colin Edwards’ CRT MotoGP Race Bike

05/29/2014 @ 4:53 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS


A failed experiment, it may have been, but one good thing to come from the Claiming Rule Team (CRT) regulations in MotoGP was the ability for private teams to own the GP machines they were racing, rather than be victim to the lease programs imposed by the factories.

As a result, from time-to-time we get to see these truly special motorbikes come on the market, and today is one such occasion. Listed for sale on eBay is the Forward Racing’s Kawasaki-FTR race bike that was campaigned by Colin Edwards during the 2013 MotoGP season.

For those who don’t know, the Kawasaki-FTR MotoGP bike uses an engine from a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, which has been built out by France’s venerable Akira tuning house, as well as a custom chassis that has been built by the UK’s FTR-Moto.

With a dry weight of 157 kg (346 lbs), and a peak horsepower figure of 245+ horsepower at the crank, this might be the ultimate Kawasaki on the market.

Other features include Öhlins suspension, Brembo brakes, and an Akrapovic exhaust, and the lucky owner will receive a tech briefing and track shakedown with a MotoGP technician, as well as two VIP tickets to the British Grand Prix, with hospitality from the Forward Racing team.

Asking a cool £62,000 ($103,664 at the current exchange rate) for the truly unique machine, some lucky owner is about to grab the ultimate Kawasaki track bike. We’ve had some time up-close with the Kawasaki-FTR in the paddock, as well as at FTR’s factory in the UK, and we can safely say that the details of this bike are truly impressive, even if its racing results are not.

To clarify, the eBay ad is really just a marketing piece for Historics at Brooklands, which will be selling two Forward Racing GP machines at auction (the other is Claudio Corti’s), on Saturday June 7th, 2014.

So, it’s times like these where you really have to ask yourself do your kids need to go to college? Could a second mortgage on your house be possible? And, are you really are using that second kidney/lung at the moment? Stop with the excuses, and be worshipped for the track day deity that you are.




Source: eBay; Photos: © 2013 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • Tom

    I’m sure the price will soar on this at auction, but I think 62k is actually a really good starting price for this package and all the extras, race culture and bragging rights attached to it. I hope the buyer tracks it and makes it fly, rather than just have it sit gathering dust or on display.

  • I don’t know what a diety is but every MotoGP rider must worship one considering how lean they all are. Might have to change religions if I bought this bike. Have to sell a LOT of my 3d printed track sculptures.

  • Conrice

    @ Tom – it’s not an auction, that’s the asking price.

    That’s one hell of a deal.

  • Conrice

    @ Tom – I stand corrected. You’re right – it’s going to an auction.

  • Chad

    Thats all well and good but i’d rather buy one of the ART Aprilia CRT bikes, not that i have the money to buy any of them

  • You’re both sorta right. Brooklands could land in some trouble if someone pops the coin on eBay, unless the auction house doesn’t see the bikes going for $100k at auction.

  • Justus

    @Jensen – It’s listed as an Ebay classified, not a regular Ebay listing. Pretty sure they’re free to sell it however they please, it’s basically just an ad.

  • taikebo

    If this bike produces 245+ hp and can reach 325 kph, so the rumor about the prototypes reach 260-270 hp is true. Damn, too much horsepower

  • Anvil

    A friend of mine is picking up his 1199 Superleggera tomorrow. This would be just the thing to one-up him…

    Now, I only need to decide whether I should head to the bank to apply for a loan or just rob it.

  • sideswipeasuarus

    A deliciously tasty but rather useless bike. Apart from harvesting the unobtanium off of it for other purposes there’s nothing to do with it but put it on a stand and look at it. There’s no where it can race. As a track toy you can’t even get the tires that it was made to use as if anyone who could afford it could ride it to it’s operating range. What about fuel? What was that engine built to run on? Would standard race gas formulas work or would there need to be some engine work for it to run right? If those questions could be answered by means of commercially available parts then you have a very expensive track day bike that’s likely no better off than a built street bike.

    Now that 2011 Catalunya/Caixa ex-Marquez Suter MMX that was for sale a couple years ago would have been the track refuge to snap up. Competitive in a couple domestic Moto2 race series or as a collector’s item of a newly minted legend.

  • Doctor Jelly

    Question: Anyone know what the layout of a “tri-spar chassis” is?

  • AndrewF

    Couple of years ago Ducati sold a couple of their MotoGP bikes, including one that used to belong to Casey Stoner. Sounds good, right? Well yes – if you like looking at them, because they were sold with the proviso the new ‘owner’ wouldn’t actually be allowed to ride ‘their’ bikes. Not on the track, not in their driveway, not ever. Which made the whole deal completely pointless as far as I’m concerned.

    Anyhow. My point is, I wonder if this sale comes with similar restrictions?

  • Lucas

    I like how it comes with “Ohlines” suspension, but that aside, that price is totally worth it considering a Desmosedici RR was $72,000. This bike would spank it for only 30k more.