Cleveland Cyclewerks Releases an Electric Falcon

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Cleveland Cyclewerks is known better for its low-cost small-displacement gas motorcycles, but now they have something a bit more electrifying in their lineup.

Say hello the Falcon, an electric motorcycle that continues the Cleveland Cyclewerks focus, but in a new way.

The electric Cleveland Cyclewerks Falcon has a futuristic look to match its modern drivetrain, but it still fills that small-displacement role that the American brand has carved out for itself.

Available in two trim levels, first there is the Falcon 01 which conforms to e-bike/e-moped laws in many states, with its power capped at 20mph and 27 mph when in those roles (it tops out at 65mph in “off-road mode). ‘

The battery is a small 2.2 kWh pack that is removable, and pricing is set at $7,995 MSRP. Not a bad way to get from Point A to Point B on two wheels, without the need for a license.

If you want a bit more “oompf” for your go though, the Cleveland Cyclewerks Falcon BLK is where you want to point your browser. A proper electric motorcycle (license required), the Falcon BLK boasts a 17.5hp / 29 lbs•ft motor, which is good for a 85mph top speed. 

That should help the Falcon BLK chew up the miles, as well its range, which is why the battery pack has been upgraded to a 4.4 kWh pack, which is also fully swapable. The curb weight of the Falcon BLK is a paltry 175 lbs (150 lbs for the Falcon 01), which is certainly appealing, especially with its 30″ seat height.

The downside to the Falcon BLK though is the price tag, which has a whopping $14,995 MSRP. That’s a bit more than other electric motorcycles on the market, which have more power and more battery onboard.

They aren’t as light though, and certainly don’t look as cool, so you will have to do the math yourself on that trade off. If you were looking at the Cake Kalk lineup, this American brand just gave you another option.

Photos of the Cleveland Cyclewerks Falcon BLK:

Source: Cleveland Cyclewerks