Bultaco Rapitan Sport Prototype – Even More Crazy

05/18/2014 @ 2:10 am, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS


The second of Bultaco’s two prototype electric machines, the Bultaco Rapitan Sport picks up where the more mundane, and we use that word relatively, Bultaco Rapitan leaves off. Essentially the same machine at its core, the Rapitan Sport features a more street-tracker aesthetic to mask its electric underpinnings.

This means the same 53hp and 92 lbs•ft of torque powertrain from the Rapitan is featured, which Bultaco developed in-house. It also means that the Rapitan Sport has the same “dual-link” Hossack front-suspension system, belt drive, and 125 mile / 68 mile (city/highway) claimed riding range.

Looking like a very polished design, we like what we see here with the Bultaco Rapitan Sport prototype. We’re not sure how many riders in motorcycling’s conservative ranks will go for its unique pieces of technology and bright yellow street tracker vibe, but we’re a little crazy here at Asphlat & Rubber, and the Rapitan Sport happens to be our particular flavor of two-wheeled insanity.

Like the Rapitan, the Raptian Sport is due out later this year — fingers crossed. No word on price or availability, though we suspect a European debut before any units make it to North America.





Source: Bultaco

  • paulus

    Interesting. It has a bit of an 80’s ‘future bike’ feel to it.
    the Gas tank also has a little ‘BMW’ feel going.
    Nice to see an alternative front end on something….

  • irksome

    I had a Sherpa T back in the proverbial day, what a hoot. I assume weight issues would preclude a return to producing a viable trials bike.

  • There is a clutch on the handlebars so there are gears?

  • No shift lever, could be for re-gen braking.

  • Paul McM

    I like everything about it except for the goofy faux number plate thingy up front. I like the yellow/blue colors. BMW-style front suspension is fine by me. This Bultaco looks like it carries all the heavyweight items down low. If this machine is not overly heavy, I thing it could be a great machine for just about everything except two-up riding and long-distance touring. This is what really caught my attention: “the same 53hp and 92 lbs•ft of torque powertrain”. That’s Way, way more usuable power than my DR650 which is already a daily urban assault vehicle while other more expensive bikes languish in the Garage.

  • Matt Higgins

    Me likey torque.

  • jeram

    I like it, maybe even more so that the other bultaco.

    But I think the front numberplate looks like a crashtest dummies head! very odd.

    A bigger numberplate with a traditional headlight would be nice and Im sure it will change before the production version. Just like the KTM 1290 Duke did,

    The prototype KTM had a MX style numberplate which disapeared in the production version

  • Richard Gozinya

    These Bultacos look like fun. The styling’s not necessarily my cup of tea, but it’s certainly not some boring, bland looking thing, like what Zero puts out.