As promised, here is the first glimpse of Bultaco’s revival as an electric motorcycle company, and the Spanish brand calls it the Bultaco Rapitan. Really a spin-out project by LGN TECH Design S.L., the new Bultaco is the work product of José Germán Pérez, Raúl Pérez, Juan Manuel Vinós, Gerald Pöllmann, and Jorge Bonilla.

Underneath the Rapitan’s edgy exterior (note the Hossack front-end) resides an electrical powertrain system that the Bultaco gents say they developed themselves. Good for 53hp and 92 lbs•ft of torque, the Bultaco Rapitan isn’t going to blow away the competition with power, but should make for a decent and unique riding experience.

The Spanish firm isn’t saying how much battery is on-board, but claims 125 miles of city riding, and 68 miles of highway riding at 75 mph — which we would guessimate at 10+ kWh, but we all know how accurate these range claims are, right?

Tipping the scales at 416 lbs (189kg), the Bultaco Rapitan isn’t the lightest street-naked on the market, but it certainly isn’t the heaviest either. With 92 lbs•ft of torque, we suspect this should make for a peppy ride, and if the avant garde styling is to your liking (it suits our tastes just fine), then we hope the final production model won’t stray too far.

Bultaco hopes to have production bikes ready by the end of the year, which is a lofty goal. That plan is only superceded in loftiness by the company’s hopes to produce 1,500 machines by the end of 2015, and have a staff of 150 people.

Considering that the electric motorcycle market has been barely able to supply that much volume in the past few years combined, some reality seems to be missing from Bultaco’s business plan. That being said, we like what we see here. We to take a spin on one very soon.





Source: Bultaco

  • Jeram

    I like it!

    As long as the price isn’t ridiculous I would love to own something like this in a couple of years!

    What are people estimating for price?
    Similar price to a Japanese 1000cc dual sport, or do we think we’re looking at Multistrada money???
    I dont think I could justify multistrada type pricing for a bike like this unfortunately.

  • AndrewF

    It looks good but the smell of vaporware is strong on this one… especially combined with their stated goal of producing 1500 of these in a year. To sell in this sort of volume they’d have to be priced on par with conventional commuter 250/300cc bikes like Honda CBR or Ninja, and I just can’t see that happening. Still… good luck to them.

  • Very cool to see the Bultaco brand revived with these electric concepts. They appear to be very well-designed and professionally built, even if these are just their prototypes. I predict that they will preform well and be at a reasonable price point, which is great news for growing this market along with Brammo and Zero. I’m looking forward to more news on the drivetrain as I see a hydraulic clutch master cylinder and what appears to be a shift lever. As you know… torque at the motor is a meaningless spec unless you know what the torque multiplication through the drivetrain is to the rear wheel…

  • paulus

    It might be a “rorschach” moment…. but at certain angles it looks like a KTM humping an air-compressor.

  • Richard Gozinya


    I’d expect the price to be around $20k, on par with the Brammo Empulse R. It’s got around a 10kwh battery pack, and uses quality components, so it’s not going to be cheap. Though a lot of that will depend on their source for batteries.

  • FFE geometry is interesting, it looks like they are manipulating the wheel path to allow for a long/low battery and cooling setup. Tall bike with a low CG..?

  • love the faux gas tank as a trunk for your helmet, carrying a helmet everywhere gets to be a real pain.

  • Tom Corrick

    Neatest, cleanest implementation of Hossack fork that I’ve seen to date. Superb.
    Note the relative difference in size between top and bottom pivot joint.
    I want to work for this company.