First breaking cover at the Indy Dealer Expo, BRD Motorcycles has finally gotten the BRD RedShift MX into the studio for some glamor shots, and it is showing off its “goooollllddddd” paint scheme very nicely indeed. The off-road variant to the BRD RedShift SM prototype that we tested several months ago, the RedShift MX is the San Francisco company’s electric equivalent to a 250cc lites-class off-roader. Promising a super-linear 40+ hp on tap, the model currently has 5.2 kWh of battery on-board, which should be good for two hours of mixed use.

Tipping the scales at 270 lbs in street trim, the BRD RedShift MX is a paltry 250 lbs in racing form, which makes for a very competitive power-to-weight ratio in this category of dirt bike.Ā Priced at $14,995, this electric dirt bike is still an expensive proposition (even with its WP suspension), though its competitive race performance, low-cost of use, and super-smooth electric drive train helps make it a more attractive package for more serious riders. Enjoy the high-resolution photos after the jump.

Source: BRD Motorcycles; Photo Credit: Todd Tankersley

  • let’s see the AMA homologate this bike (and all commercial EV type motos) for the lights class. Then and only then will the phrase “competitive race performance” be meaningful.

  • Zander

    The lack of a clutch lever is distracting, throw some hand guards on them bars! I’d also like to see her lose another ten or twenty pounds. Guilt-free roost comes at a price too – if only I hadn’t bought that F3…

  • Mark, we’re right there with you. We don’t have the AMA on board yet, but we’ll get there at some point. We have some regional traction now. SupermotoUSA runs through your hood and they would let in run in Lites or Open (the organizer, Brok Macallister, rode it and thought it could run competitively in either class… we’ll stick to Lites for now). As we’re able to pump out more demo bikes to race bodies, we expect the homologated footprint to expand. Pressure from racers and fans helps too. What we don’t want, is our own race series… we want to run against the gas bikes.

  • mxs

    Sounds like you guys are ready to put up a fight. No better advertising than that.

    I wish you luck, although I am as far from an early adopter as you can imagine a guy to be, mainly due to the pesky expensive, always-getting-better batteries ….

    Question though … if a team goes with your bikes. What will the money buy for them? I mean mainly as far as the battery and ECU controller, replacement/updates. These two are the single biggest question marks I have every time I hear about aspiring electric bike.

    With IC engine, you throw a new piston in and pour a tank of gas (almost anyone can do that … to a competitive degree). Does the racer need a team member who is an electric expert or a geek at least to keep racing and tweaking?

  • Dr. Gellar

    Wow…this bike, and it’s supermoto sibling, are just flat-out gorgeous. Congratulations Marc. :-) You guys really set the bar high as to what an electric motorcycle can and should be…all the componentry, fit and quality of a gas bike, without the cheap, funky and toyish looking aspects that plague the vast majority of current electric bikes.

    When you guys do finally manage to get the AMA on board and are granted eligibility to compete in the Lites class, you can count on me rooting for you.

  • Eric

    +1! Go BRD!!!

    Great photos.

  • finance

    Brilliant stuff, definitely coming back!

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