Brammo Engage – Electric MX & Supermoto from Ashland

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A part of Brammo’s announcement that it will be entering the electric dirt bike scene, the Brammo Engage is the cornerstone of the Ashland, Oregon company’s off-road line. Featuring the S.M.R.E. designed Integrated Electronic Transmission (IET), Brammo is not only getting into the dirt bike and supermoto scene with the Engage (going squarely after players like Zero and Quantya), but is raising the ante by offering a six-speed transmission specifically designed for electric motors.

Details and specifics are still coming together about the Brammo Engage, and even the photos given to the press are of pre-production machines that are based-off S.M.R.E. prototypes. However, early speculation is that the IET system will also feature regenerative braking, another first for the Oregonian company. Photos, video, and more after the jump.

In total, three Engage models will be offered: the Brammo Engage MX (a full-sized MX style dirt bike), the Brammo Engage SMR (a race-oriented supermoto), and the Brammo Engage SMS (a street-legal supermoto). Brammo is also seemingly testing the water with the Brammo Entice, a mini moto style electric motorcycle that it will be racing at the AMA Mini Moto SX in Las Vegas this week (Brammo is also competing with its Engage MX dirt bike).

No word on availability yet, but interested riders can pre-order a machine from, with anticipated prices being the following:

  • Engage MX – Full-sized dirt bike competing in MiniMotoSX – Anticipated Price $9,995
  • Engage SMR – Supermoto Racing – Anticipated Price $9,995
  • Engage SMS – Supermoto – Anticipated Price $11,995
  • Encite MMX PRO – Mini-dirtbike competing in MiniMotoSX – No Price Announced

Photos of the Pre-Production Brammo Engage Prototype:

Source: Brammo