Ducati Monster “Braida” Concept by Tex Motorbike

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A little something to get the week headed in the right direction, here is the “Braida” Ducati Monster concept by Paolo Tesio at Tex Motorbike.

The machine exists only as a digital render (for now), but it has some interesting ideas for a futuristic take on this classic motorcycle name.

We especially like the front fairing design, which just blends right into the front wheel and is fitted with a set of perimeter discs.

Iconic bits like the Monster’s v-twin engine, steel-trellis frame, single-sided swingarm, and dual exhaust remain, and help mix “a little old” with this “something new” approach. Overall, we like it.

The tail section fairing is a little stubby for our tastes, but your eyes might see it differently. Let us know in the comments which side of the “yay or nay” side of the fence you are on – we can see Braida not being everyone’s cup of tea.

Source: Tex Motorbike via Inazuma Cafe Racer

Jensen Beeler

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