If you missed our teaser on the Bottpower BOTT XR1R, then you are in for a real treat, as the race version Spanish firm’s street tracker is a very fetching machine.

The Bottpower BOTT XR1R is the bike that Harley-Davidson should be building right now, and it’s the kind of machine that actually would have benefitted from Buell’s “innovations” for street bikes.

With 150hp and a target weight of 150kg, the BOTT XR1R should be plenty of fun on tight circuits, but still powerful enough for longer courses.

And then of course, once you’re done flogging the XR1R for the day, you will still want to spend a couple hours drooling over its titanium frame, carbon fiber bodyworks, and modern-day electronics.

We have always been a fan of Bottpower’s work, but it still feels strange to say that the Spanish builder has created the bike that America has been dreaming of for the past decade or more.

As we mentioned in our teaser, the Bottpower BOTT XR1R is a sort of rolling laboratory for Bottpower, testing new components for the firm – mainly the bike’s titanium frame.

But, the BOTT XR1R also allows to Bottpower to test things like the oil-cooler location, which can be found behind the number plate on the XR1 street bike, but on the XR1R it is mounted in front of the engine.

Another change is the absence of the electric starter (an external starter is need to get the BOTT XR1R moving), which helped with a weight savings of over 17 lbs.

Bottpower hopes to prove its design at Pikes Peak next year, though we will have to wait and see how the good old boys club that runs PPIHC handles this non-American entry, and its “illegal” titanium frame. Hopefully they let Bottpower race in the Heavyweight class.

Until then, we’ll have to enjoy the photos below, and maybe you’ll see an Asphalt & Rubber ride review on the BOTT XR1R soon. Stay tuned.

Technical Specifications of the Bottpower BOTT XR1R:


  • Air/oil cooled 1203cc Buell Thunderstorm V-Twin
  • Fuel system: 49mm downdraft DDFI II fuel injection
  • Gearbox: five-speed
  • Clutch: Wet, multiple-plate, compensated
  • Final Drive: Belt
  • Electronics: EFI Euro4 ECU


  • Titanium central spine Bottpower frame, with vibration isolation system
  • Front Suspension: Showa inverted fork from a Buell 1125
  • Rear Suspension: Öhlins shock absorber
  • Front Brake: 8 pistons ZTL2 type brake, 375 mm stainless steel floating rotor
  • Rear Brake: 240 mm stainless steel rotor, single piston floating caliper


  • Weelbase: 52 in OR 1321 mm
  • Seat Height: 30.1 in OR 765 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 4.3 in OR 109 mm
  • Weight: No declared yet.
  • Fuel Capacity: 13 liters. (One top fuel tank, and two secondary fuel tanks)
  • Tires: Slicks, Front 120/70xZR17 and Rear 190/55xZR17





























Source: Bottpower; Photos: © 2016 Husmee – All Rights Reserved

  • TheSeaward

    Stock Sportster is 60 hp and they’re going to hot rod it to 150? That thing is going to melt the fins right off the jugs.

  • Sam Miller

    Tens of thousands of dollars dumped in to this and no chain drive conversion?

  • Stock Buell is 100 HP and since years ago there are several Buell racers with 150 HP.

  • tbowdre

    Al Merrick logo? Thats weird… BUELL power, ZTL brakes and drivetrain. Thats awesome. No onboard starter? Thats lame. Hope you don’t stall taking off on your first session of the day!

    My XB12R oil cooler was in that spot and the bike ran just fine… only had 103 HP stock tho

    Cant wait to laugh at the price

    Edit: Looks amazing

  • Not so many tens of thousands by the moment. :-)
    Currently the engine is stock and it works great with the belt (I love it). Of course the bike will have chain and many other things. This project is at the very beginning. :-)

  • Timbo Baggins

    David, you’re a brave man responding to comments on this site. People here either A) hate anything to do with Buell motorcycles, or B) hate that you would dare cut into anything touched by Erik Buell, as all of his creations are holy and perfect and unbeatable in any form.

    More power to you though. I think this thing is gorgeous and I bet its even better to ride!

  • Thank you, Timbo. I have big respect for Erik Buell, he is following his own path and that’s very difficult in the motorcycle world.
    Regarding the comments, I don’t mind the negative ones, maybe I will be able to learn something from some of them. :-)

  • Oh, I think I scared most of the Buellistas a long time ago. ;)

    I do think it’s cool that David is responding to comments here. This project is pretty cool. I’ll be curious to see where it’s finally done.

  • TheSeaward

    Good luck to you and thanks for the response.

  • paulus

    Cool looking styling. Nice balance and love the controls. Very best wishes for success of the project.

  • Alfredo Duran

    Absolutely beautiful! I love a bike that you see something new and interesting each time you look at it.

  • keiths04

    Looks like a blast to ride!! sign me up…, now only if they made one for us mere mortals : /

  • Zeek Seseika

    yup,Drop Dead Gorgeous…comes to mind…

  • racerX

    Excellent machine David, truly impressed with fit and finish.

    Curious on your strategies to reach 150bhp (crank I assume?) through a single 49mm throttle body. Seems like you would have to dial in a very long duration on the intake, sacrificing torque. What does it make for torque, and where?

    For what it’s worth, torque can be a strong benefit in the hill climb next year. You may already know this well and have plans to this effect. Best of luck!

  • racerX

    Running water through the cooling channel in a set of XR heads would get you there.

  • racerX

    All but one ;)

    The hill climb will likely let him run, just in exhibition. Make sure to have a healthy stock of intermediates + full wets…