BMW S675RR Concept by Nicolas Petit

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I really like the idea of BMW making a supersport model, to compliment the already potent BMW S1000RR. The category is a tough one though, and it is dominated by the Japanese brands. Maybe, this is why BMW Motorrad is the perfect brand to disrupt the supersport segment.

The S1000RR made a killing in the liter-bike space, because it brought European features and performance, at a Japanese price-point. Because of the success that resulted from that formula, maybe the Germans can do the same in the 600cc segment.

Putting some pen and paper to this thought, Nicolas Petit has inked together a render of a proposed BMW supersport machine, which he dubs the BMW S675RR.

As the name suggests, the bike is powered by a 675cc three-cylinder engine, and visually it makes a strong connection to the next BMW S1000RR, which we have already seen leaked in spy photos.

Whether or not the Germans are interested in the supersport segment remains to be seen, however. So far, there haven’t been any external clues or rumors about a supersport model, three cylinder or otherwise, from BMW Motorrad.

Declining sales in the segment don’t help either, but here is a tricky spot. With the Japanese brands pretty much abandoning the 600cc class, and refusing to make new models, we have seen an exodus of sales from this space.

But since the Japanese brands were the only players in the supersport market, a lack of development is just as easy to blame for the sales decline, than say buyer preference. This creates a chicken and the egg problem for OEMs when it comes to supersports.

As we saw in the liter-bike class, BMW has more than shown that sales can follow in the sport bike market. In its first and second years on the market, the BMW S1000RR was a best seller in the USA for BMW Motorrad, supplanting the venerable BMW R1200GS in units sold.

Perhaps then, like the movie says, if you build it, they will come. Stay tuned.

Source: Nicolas Petit