BMW S1000RR 191hp Dyno Run on Video

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Ever since early reports on the 2010 BMW S1000RR suggested that the German superbike was making a claimed 190hp at the crank, the Bavarian bike sounded like a true contender against the Japanese dominated  market. Then when we heard that BMW may have been sandbagging those figures, and bikes were popping up wtih 190hp at the crank, it definitely piqued our interest.

With disbelief we weren’t sure what to make of the new BMW, and it seem we’re in the same boat as the folks over at, as they’ve gotten their hands on a S1000RR and put it on a DynoJet to see for themselves what the bike could do. The result? 191hp. Check the video after the jump

With so many variables going into dyno runs (this one looks to have a ram air setup), it’s still hard to tell how legit this run really is, but if anyone in Northern California has a BMW S1000RR that’d they’d be willing to let A&R get its hands, we’d love to try it out against the bikes in our garage for references.


Jensen Beeler

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