BMW S1000RR Carbon Edition

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With the recent news of the 2010 BMW S1000RR making 183hp at the rear-wheel, the Bavarian Superbike is looking like quite the potent potable. With its liter-bike class leading performance, the bike doesn’t break the wallet much either with its $13,800  price tag. With such a great bike hitting US soil soon, it’s hard to imagine how to make it better…but that’s what the Dutch did with their BMW S1000RR Carbon Edition. More after the jump.

Taking the base S1000RR, the Carbon Edition tacks on just about every BMW option available under the sun (traction control, anti-lock brakes system (ABS), alarms, etc), adds carbon bodywork (obviously), and then fits an Akrapovic full-system to the superbike. With all the added goodies, comes of course an added price-tag for the Ducth: €24,990 (a €7,000 increase).

All that money isn’t spent in vein though. The Akrapovic system adds nearly 10hp up-top, and of course smoothes-out the mid-RPM dips that are becoming all-to-common on sportbikes, as they try and squeak past emission standards. Alstublieft.

Source: HFL