The work of designer Nicolas Petit is one of those gems in motorcycling that really gets our imagination here at A&R working at high-speed. It probably has something to with Petit’s simple, practical, but stunning designs that grab our fancy, and make us think “yeah, I could see one of those in my garage” — such is the case with the BMW R12 concept.

A clean and modern café racer design, Nicolas Petit’s BMW R12, which is based off the BMW HP2, is something we’d like to have in our stable for when the journey, not the destination, is the order of the day. Enjoy his sketches and renders after the jump, and to save you the trouble when you go scavenging for boxer-twins, here’s a link to craigslist.

Source: Nicolas Petit Motorcycle Crèation via Racing Café

  • MikeD

    Nice concepts, even nicer drawings (love the one with the girl at the stop lite ?)…i used to spend my free time drawing/sketching on any blank piece of paper that were within my wrasp, LOL.

    But…if i could had it my way it would be this:

  • Steve Lang

    This guy has a great sense of style and balance in his work. Very very nice.

  • cje

    The first one reminds of Joe Bar Team:

  • Cool sketches…I think he was inspired for the girl drawing by this one ;)
    Girls in leather…who doesn’t like that;)

  • MikeD


    Thanks for xposing me there buddy…got nothing better to do ? Do you ? LMAO.

    She does look HOT indeed…lol. Any other “better angles” from her ? hehehe.

    I think u pretty much nailed and if that is not it…man, your sugestion looks pretty legit. lol.

  • The half-faired one looks very close to a Ducati Sport 1000S.

  • Loïc

    I love his work ! especially the first bike with the brown seat ! Hope BMW will be interested by the work of Nicolas Petit.

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