BMW Motorrad Is Releasing Four New Bikes at EICMA, And We Know What They Are…Sort Of

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BMW Motorrad sent out a press release over the weekend, teasing that it would have four “world premieres” at the upcoming EICMA show, in Milan.

With EICMA being the largest trade show for the motorcycle industry, it’s not surprising that the German brand would hold back some new bike launches, even from the very popular INTERMOT show, which is home territory for BMW Motorrad.

We have already scooped a few of the new BMW models that are coming for 2017, but with EICMA close at hand, we thought it best to disclose the rest.

2017 BMW R1200GS

In terms of affecting a market, the biggest new bike from BMW Motorrad will be the 2017 BMW R1200GS, which will get a bevy upgrades for the coming model year.

Not only is the R1200GS the best-selling BMW model, but it continues to define the adventure-touring segment, as the reference by which all other bikes are judged.

With virtually every brand now offering some sort of ADV bike, there are a lot of choices in the marketplace for something other than a GS, and BMW wants to ensure that the R1200GS and its progeny continue to attract buyers.

With BMW married to its boxer-engine and telelever front suspension designs, we don’t expect a wild revolution to come to the venerable GS – also too, we are told BMW is very concerned about alienating the bike’s loyal fan base.

As such, we expect a bit of motor work to make the R1200GS Euro4 compliant, as well as massaging in some more horsepower along the way. An aesthetic refresh is expected, as are minor chassis refinements.

Details beyond this are scarce, though we certainly expect more than just “bold new graphics” from the folks in Berlin.

2017 BMW G310GS

To accompany the flagship GS model will be a small-displacement GS, built off the BMW G310R platform. This 313cc single-cylinder machine will get longer suspension, and a very “GS” looking bodywork package, to entice newer riders into the GS line.

We have already seen spy photos of this machine, and it looks exactly as described: like a cheaper and smaller R1200GS.

We would expect the BMW G310GS to be friendly to the wallet, and to have similar performance figures to its street bike counterpart: 34hp and 350lbs (wet).

2017 BMW R nineT “Urban GS”

As if the world needed another GS model, or another R nineT model for that matter, BMW is getting ready to release its fifth “vintage” motorcycle.

Built off the Lac Rose concept we saw earlier this year, the BMW R nineT Urban GS will feature the same modular chassis and air-cooled boxer-twin as the rest of the R nineT lineup.

Its styling is a throwback to when the Dakar Rally actually concluded in Senegal, and it will offer an ADV experience that is a little bit more measured and dare we say “fashionable” than the R1200GS or R1200GS Adventure.

This bike should complete the R nineT lineup for the time being, with BMW Motorrad having now explored every post-authentic niche it could possible imagine. We’re not sure what makes this bike so “urban” in the eyes of BMW, but that’s the name that’s being thrown about.

Still, the Lac Rose concept was attractive concept, and we are sure there are some riders who will want a little bit more show than go for their next adventure. This new vintage model should fit those needs well.

2017 BMW C400 Scooter

BMW itself called its fourth model more “touring” focused, which we surely thought was a reference to the K1600B bagger model that our sources told us about; but with that bike debuting in LA, that left us wondering what else to expect.

Our sources tell us too that BMW will expand its scooter line for 2017, expecting a BMW C400 model to debut at EICMA.

While BMW’s maxi-scooters lend themselves well to long-distance riding, we have a hard time imagining what that the German brand would describe this model as “luxurious touring motorcycle…this model boasts a wealth of fittings that make motorcycle travel as comfortable and exciting as possible.”

I dunno, maybe it’s a really nice scooter…though I doubt it, since the C400 would likely target sub-500cc license holders.

What’s more likely however, is that BMW Motorrad will debut a separate touring model, perhaps from the K-series of bikes, with the BMW C400 debuting at EICMA with less fanfare. We’ll just have to wait and see what surprises BMW Motorrad unveils in Milan.

Source: Bothan Spies