BMW M1000RR Superbike Concept by Nirjar Mardal

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Nirjar Mardal’s concept of the rumored BMW M1000RR superbike is blowing up the internet right now, and we can tell why. It looks really good.

Taking the pleasing, but safe, lines of the BMW S1000RR and then cranking them up to 11, these renders from Mardal make for a lurid idea.

The bike is much more angular than the S1000RR model, and numerous upgrades can be spotted in the render’s design.

The most notable one though is what appears to be an electric supercharger, which is appropos since the Bavarian brand was spotted last year patenting ideas around this concept.

Mardal’s design seems to to have a flaw in where it places the supercharger though, as it sits at the end of the exhaust routing, rather than on the intake-side of the engine.

It is a silly mistake, but don’t let it detract you from what else has been imagined here.

The skinny tail, made from carbon fiber, does well to show off the single-sided swingarm. This, along with the exhaust can (purple!) and the thin spokes on the wheels, make for a forward-heavy bike design.

But, we like what we see up front, along with the generally more aggressive look that Mardal has created for BMW Motorrad. The images certainly get the creative juices going, and though perhaps set the bar too high for the Germans to reach. We shall see.

Source: Moto Riders Universe

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