Mega Gallery: BMW HP4 Race

04/19/2017 @ 10:04 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

The BMW HP4 Race has finally dropped, the Bavarian brand’s extreme superbike offering that drips in carbon fiber pieces. A track-only liter-bike for true enthusiasts, the BMW HP4 Race sees a potent 212hp engine packed into featherweight 377 lbs wet body.

Of course to hit those weight goals, BMW Motorrad employed extensive use of composite materials to shed weight from the already robust BMW S1000RR superbike. As such, the frame, bodywork, and wheels are made from carbon fiber, including the self-supporting tail section.

BMW doesn’t reveal too much on how it has boosted the power from the 199hp found on the S1000RR’s inline-four power plant, though the result is an increased redline to 14,500 rpm (up from 14,200 rpm).

Keeping inline with its ~$85,000 price tag though (BMW Motorrad hasn’t released pricing figures yet, unfortunately), the BMW HP4 Race comes with top-of-the-line brakes and suspension pieces. It also has a robust electronics package that features the usual suspects of three-letter acronyms.

There is plenty to drool over on the BMW HP4 Race, so we have 64 high-resolution photos of the machine, waiting for you after the jump. Enjoy!

Photos: BMW Motorrad

  • teanau

    sweet baby jesus

  • n/a

    They’re making 750 of them?

  • spamtasticus

    And here I just wadded up my S1000RR at Daytona. Perfect timming. Jensen, how would A&R like to sponsor a race bike? We can wrap an HP4R in one big subscription promo! We will call it Team A&R Pro. Just rolls off the tongue, and all for the bargain price of about $85,000.r

  • AlaskanLaw

    Love it!! It seems like almost all the sportbike manufacturers are doing something exciting these days, and we may finally be coming out of the sportbike “slump” after the 2008 economic crash.

    Even if bikes like this or the Kawasaki H2 are unobtainable for most of us, they bring the brand into awareness, and build lust for the brand’s more affordable models.

    The one brand I see that’s opted out of the “excitement” business is Honda. On the low end of the sportbike offerings, they have the prehistoric CBR600RR, whose technology is so ancient, it truly belongs in a museum next to fax machines and Polaroid cameras. On the other end, Honda’s RC213V is a truly absurd offering which I think is more insulting to sportbike enthusiasts, than anything else. I don’t think even actual millionaires would spend two hundred thousand dollars on any motorcycle. For around $200k, you can a decent Ferrari or a loaded 911.

    Honda should just stick to making minivans and hybrid fuel family sedans if this is how they’ll be tarnishing Soichiro’s legacy…

  • 600ccs_of_fury

    And what about the new Fireblades? SP1 and SP2 are pretty decent bikes that run a chance at competing with the offerings of the other major sportbike brands.

    The ~$200k pricetag on the GP-level machine is typical, if not cheap. You can get a GP bike from Aprilia for $170k. DR Moto will sell you theirs for ~$150k. Albeit the RC213V-S is a street bike with a severely choked engine… But compared to an RCV1000R that costs $1.6 million, it’s a steal.

  • AlaskanLaw

    I agree the new Fireblades are pretty cool bikes. But the price point isn’t competitive for what Suzuki or even Ducati are offering, though. And I’m not a horsepower hawk, but the BMW S1000RR gives you 200 horses and slick German style for a thousand bucks less than the Fireblade.

    Don’t get me wrong: I’m a Honda fan and I ride a ’14 600RR. I just wish Honda would be as aggressive with their styling, marketing, and technical development as some of the other brands are right now. It looks like for the first time in years, there’s life on the sportbike horizon. Wish Honda would grab it by the balls.

  • Interesting. Tell me more…

  • The RC213V-S did sell out though, so…

  • spamtasticus
  • They’re making 750 of them?

  • Yes.Jesus BMW