The “Gigglerl’ Is the Meanest BMW R nineT We Have Ever Seen

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This bike has been burning a hole in my to-do list for far too long, partially because I first saw it late last year, but also because of how radial the design is…especially when you consider that it started life as a subdued BMW R nineT roadster.

The work of Austrian designer Blechmann, the bike is called Giggerl and well…it is hard to say which genre of style it fits into exactly. Blechmann has obvious modern cues and ideas for how a motorcycle should look, but Giggerl also has lines from the past, due in part to its air-cooled R nineT roots.

The front-heavy fairing and minimalist tail reminds us of other dustbin fairing designs, and the wire-spoked wheels help complete that feeling. 

The large intake and sporty lines tell a different story though, and then there is the swooping fairing that rises over the handlebars and holds the mirrors for the rider to see.

While the cylinder heads of the BMW boxer engine can often look out of place (take the latest cruiser creation from the German brand), Blechmann has found a way to make them look modern and unique – like they belong in the modern world, and aren’t just some throwback to BMW Motorrad’s history.

Overall, Blechmann’s Giggerl is an interesting motorcycle to look at. It gets our creative juices flowing, and hopefully does the same for you as well. As such, enjoy the photos in the gallery below.

Source: Blechmann via Inazuma Café Racer

Jensen Beeler

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