BMW Concept Roadster – Nom de Dieu!

05/23/2014 @ 12:31 pm, by Jensen Beeler31 COMMENTS


For a foreign language in school, I took French — nine years of French, to be precise. Knowing the “Language of Diplomacy” doesn’t help one too much in the motorcycle industry, which is dominated by Spanish and Italian speakers, and it certainly doesn’t help one when dealing with the newest release from BMW Motorrad.

Like the Alsace-Lorraine in 1940, we were surprised today by a secret that the Germans had been keeping from us, the BMW Concept Roadster. A boxer-twin powered streetfighter (125hp / 92 lbs•ft), BMW says that the Concept Roadster is an expression that “motorcycling is much more than just perfect function.”

Equipped with a single-sided swingarm, driveshaft, LED headlight, and tubular steel frame, the BMW Concept Roadster sounds on paper a lot like the BMW’s we are used to, but one look at the styling of the concept betrays that thought, and we like that.

Debuting at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2014, the same venue that BMW Motorrad launched the BMW Concept Ninety at, there seems to be a strong indication that the high-octane roadster could find its way into production.

Careful examination of the BMW Concept Roadster reveals a single-piece self-supporting machined-aluminum subframe, and a bevy of other milled aluminum pieces. The element that will really catch your eye though is the Roadster’s engine spoiler.

BMW says that the spoiler not only serves an aerodynamic purpose, but also incorporates the entire front silencer for the exhaust.

“Along with the short, steep tailpipe of the exhaust system, the engine spoiler concentrates form and function around the engine. In doing so it emphasises the compact, dynamic statement of the side as well as the short rear,” says the BMW Motorrad description.

We aren’t quite sure what that means, but we have a bevy of photos for you to peruse below. To us, this looks like a brutal, edgy, and wicked machine. We need one in our garage.

However, let us know what your thoughts about the BMW Concept Roadster in the comments. Too avant-garde for the Aerostich consortium, or spot-on two-wheeled fun?























Source: BMW Motorrad

  • SoCalPhun


    You make, I buy.

    I like it ALOT!

  • garp

    Apparently Erik Buell’s Patent for a combined exhaust and engine spoiler has lapsed

  • Richard Gozinya

    Neat, and it looks like they’ve managed to make a naked with their liquid cooled boxer.

  • AndrewF

    I like most of it, just do something about this headlight… like, get a simple round one! As far as I’m concerned, nobody has ever improved on that classic design.

  • Uberbox

    Ditto what SoCalPhun said. I would buy this thing in a freakin’ heartbeat!

  • crshnbrn

    re: “do something about this headlight” It is funky, but at least it is symmetrical.

  • Richard Gozinya

    Yeah, the headlight’s a bit odd. I think something along the lines of the “Angel Eyes” headlight off that one Brutale Pathos would work.

  • Potreroduc

    I think BMW’s embrace of standard suspension for their higher end bikes (S1000RR, S1000R, RnineT, now this one) has set them free.

    Love the seat section and the exhaust. Actually like the headlight, there’s plenty of interest there.

    It’s too bad they would have to bolt on an ugly license plate/turn signal thingy on it to sell it.

  • CrimpyPitch

    re: “It’s too bad they would have to bolt on an ugly license plate/turn signal thingy on it to sell it.”

    The License bracket is actually on the end of the swingarm!

    And i Like it a lot. Though I must say the width of the engine/exhaust seems like it would get in the way on a sharp turn….

  • Halfie30

    What’s up with the 11th picture…? Why is the exhaust on the other side?

  • Ian john

    BMW, don’t talk about it, make it.
    Exhaust will be like the 1290 proto, won’t happen for rego. Big fat chunka barrel keg exhaust.
    Very nice bike porn.

  • Agent55

    Nice work BMW! I love the low-slung, slightly long profile and that rear triangle is a nice touch too!

  • FranktheTank

    Is it me? Or does it look like Iron man is lunging at you when viewed directly from the front?? This looks to be BMW’s response to the KTM super duke. I’m still buying the duke, but hopefully BMW makes this and more manufactures keep making awesome naked bikes.

  • theken

    125hp make it 160 and take 100mm out of the drive shaft and it will be ok

  • Keith

    theken, 125 is plenty and 100? Too much unless it’s going to be a trackday toy. MAYBE (note that’s a big maybe) 50mm. I like what they did with the exhaust getting more than one use out of it. Worrisome is the fact that replacing that complicated muffler wont be cheap even by BMW standards.

  • Nicolas

    Just like the Nine-T Concept, this is another BMW that will never see mass production; and if it does it will look nothing like the original design.

  • ML

    Now I regret buying the Monster 1200 S. =(

    If I knew this was in the making, I’d have waited. If they make this bike as close to the concept, I think its going to steal a lot of sales from the monster line.

  • jackie

    Pretty exciting if it is a portent of things to come. I’d certainly be game for a hotrod shaft-driven bike. The Guzzi Griso never quite did it for me, nor BMWs neo-retro boxer, and the v-max cant get you far from home before your gas runs out.

    I hope they make a streetable version.

  • AndrewF

    @jackie – BMW already make the bike for you: K1300R.

  • charlie

    sign me up.

  • Matt Higgins

    Like it overall. Unfortunetly, that exhaust won’t make production…

  • Bruce Wilken

    Yes, I like it, as it appears most do. The only thing I don’ t understand is the headlight – what it’s supposed to be, how it works, etc. Put me on the ‘buy’ list. P.S. I hope we also hears soon from BMW about the (supposedly) upcoming S1000F Adventure bike. Hope it lives up to everything the other S1000 bikes have been so far!

  • paulus

    as said above… seems to be a direct assault on the KTM Duke 1290.
    Very nice styling. Like it.

  • At 125hp? I don’t think so…that’s the S1000R. The Monster 1200 and Speed Triple though?

  • I love it, was excited about the R9T but this thing really ups the ante, it’s freaking gorgeous!

  • Thomas Holm

    125 hp should be enough to have fun. If the price is right, I would buy one of them.

  • Typenschild Delete

    Pretty cool, and a straightforward-ish adaptation of the current water-boxer R1200GS.

    By removing the telelever and installing a standard telescopic fork they freed up a fair bit of space at the front of the bike. With that newfound space they could repackage the radiator and bits that usually reside under the seat. The R1200GS has ground clearance that’s not needed here. Instead of lowering the chassis (which introduces cornering angle issues from the cyl heads, and would also mean some rework of the paralever), they filled space under engine with exhaust.

    Very little work would make this a fun scrambler concept. Add a longer-travel fork, knobbies, and move the exhaust from underneath.

  • goofasaurus

    What the NineT should have been.

  • headrush

    Looks great! As others mentioned, the head light could use some tweaking but overall the bike looks good. The only issue i see is the boxer engine potentially getting in the way at extreme lean angles and of course retaining the look if it ever makes it into production. Off topic but does anybody know what jacket the rider has on?

  • alextz

    Look closely at the clay model and some of the sketches behind the design team. My bet is these will be much closer to the finished product, as the sketches were to the RnineT when that concept bike was first shown. More traditional akra pipe, subframe and headlight, but the general thrust very similar.
    I for one will put on hold any other purchase till i see one in the flesh…pretty exciting direction from BMW.

  • Paul

    The most beautiful bike I have ever seen. There is nothing I would change. Even the headlights are fresh and exciting… something I think too few other companies are willing to do. BMW made the right decision in some “out of the box” thinking and if they follow through, it should pay off for them in strides. For many, having a motorcycle is as much about beauty as it is performance and this concept is one of the very few to focus on the former as much as the latter. Now I need to find a time machine…