BMW Concept e Maxi-Scooter – Electric Urban Mobility

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BMW is latching like a lamprey onto the idea of urban mobility in a big way. In addition to debuting the Husqvarna Concept E-go, zie Germans also launched the BMW Concept e at the Frankfurt International Motor Show today. An electric variant of the BMW Concept C we brought you last year, BMW realizes that when it comes to urban people-movers, the electric power train becomes a ripe contender.

Announcing that it will debut two maxi-scooters by the end of 2011 that address the needs for transportation in urban environments, with the Concept e being the electric component to that two-pronged solution. Though we are certain that the BMW Concept e is an electric maxi-scooter, we should note that BMW’s press release makes conflicting statements about the eletric Concept e, which sees the media communication also state that BMW would debut two maxi-scooters that feature a twin-cylinder internal combustion motor.

With several pages of prose praising the BMW Concept e (we’ll let you form your own opinions on the concept’s aesthetics), the German company is quite reserved when it comes actually to quoting tangible production goals. We do know that BMW plans on a 100 km (61 mile) range with “everyday use” & regenerative braking, while the Concept e will charge to full in less than three hours from regular household sockets (presumably 240 volt plugs).

Other features include the Concept e’s complete lack of conventional rearview mirrors. Instead the BMW Concept e employs two video cameras integrated into the glass of the taillight assembly, which relays the rearview on two LCD monitors installed in the cockpit. Speed and other relevant data are also shown on a digital display in the otherwise spartan cockpit.

No word on a top speed, but BMW in a very German way ensures “safe overtaking on urban motorways when carrying a passenger.” We’re not sure what metric that translates into, but we expect more precise figures will come together when the maxi-scooter comes closer to production, and BMW figures out if it’s building an electric or hybrid maxi-scooter.

Source: BMW Group