The latest and greatest from Bologna might be the Ducati 1199 Superleggera, but our heartstrings still find themselves tugged hardest by the Ducati Desmosedici RR.

Based off Ducati’s MotoGP racing machine, there is just a certain street-worthy craziness that comes from the Desmosedici RR, which the production-based Superleggera lacks. They’re both fine machines, to be certain, but that’s just where we find ourselves in the hyperbike category.

Taking that crazy to a whole new level is this “Black Polygon” Desmosedici RR by Death Spray Custom. A simple, yet effective departure from the Rosso Corsa found on the original D16, the desaturated and angular work by DSC is a stark contrast to what came out of Borgo Panigale.

Fetching $75,000 at the time of its debut, it takes a brave soul to have their RR custom painted, and an even more intrepid heart to turn the machine over to the avant garde styles of DSC. We like the end result, though we imagine for the purists, the wooden stakes are already being honed.

For our London-based readers, you can take a gander at the “Black Polygon” at this weekend’s Bike Shed show.




Source: Death Spray Custom via Sideburn

  • shinigami301

    Geezus… I literally looked again to see if the byline was from one Wes Siler…

    …then I realized the lack of snark made that impossible.

  • paulus

    Err. Nasty.
    It adds nothing… it only destroys the beauty of the original bike.
    I am no Ducati purist, but this is a waste of an awesome motorcycle.
    It looks part battleship, part KTM design reject and highlights how close the fairing is to an 80’s RGV250 fairing styling.

  • Ian John

    Its lacks conviction……

    Quite pointless really, for what was an art piece originally.
    I can appreciate the paint detail, lines and hue / shade……just oozes wrong bike!
    Death Star camo.

  • Kenny

    Honing my stakes as we speak, and I’m not even a Ducatista!
    Just hope these guys never get their hands on a NR750

  • smiler

    The original bike is not really a looker. So this brings to the fore the bikes aggressive intensions.

    I really like it. Esppecially the red frame that hints at the origin of the manufacturer.

    The frame Ducati should not have dropped, if 2008 onwards is anything to go by.

  • highside Specialist

    Rad. It takes the bike into a new direction and turned the soft lines into angular aggression. Really like it and most everything out of Death Spray Customs, like their Nelson Piquet race truck and the Alpine Stars one piece leather race suit.


    Love it. Eye-catching and Innovative. The fact that it pisses off the dyed-in-the-wool Ducatisti is just a bonus. Should have been called the Bizarro though, or possibly the Kryten.

  • bobx

    looks like its out of the matrix or something. i like it. doesnt look real. very cool.

  • proudAmerican

    If you think that one is cool, check back next month for their latest paint job, the Hello Kitty! pink version.

    Uh, no thanks.

  • M.

    Funny, people probably hated (and continue to) the BMW s1000rr headlights as well.

    All truth passes through three stages.

    -First, it is ridiculed.
    -Second, it is violently opposed.
    -Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

  • Lewis Dawson

    Ghastly. Ridiculous. I hate it.

    It should be photographed with Madonna in her cone-shaped metal bra, LOL.

  • Are these real photos or computer-generated images, I assume they’re real, but the way they shot it makes it look like a design test on the computer. I imagine they did so because it probably doesn’t look very good when shot under real-world light, like something a teenager would do to their bike with vinyl.

  • AHA

    I saw it at the Bike Shed show in London last weekend. It made a dramatic contrast with the legion of (mostly gorgeous) custom cafe racers & scramblers etc on show there & looked better than in the pictures. It’s different.

    Oh and the paint is apparently ‘radar absorbent’!?

  • Rory

    I saw this on Saturday just gone in person. Its nasty! The polygons do not marry up correctly and where the panels meet you can see the original red colour underneath. More money than sense!