Bimota Tesi 3D RaceCafe Is “Pinnacle Weird”

11/17/2015 @ 3:35 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS


If you’re not listening to the Two Enthusiasts Podcast, you should…there is some good two-wheeled gold in the show. So, with a hat-tip to my co-host Quentin Wilson – whose new favorite phrase is “pinnacle weird” – we present you with perhaps the strangest motorcycle to debut at the 2015 EICMA show.

The Bimota Tesi 3D champions the hub-center steering chassis design, and is one of the more unique motorcycles in the industry right now. Its design is positively futuristic, so it is a little strange that Bimota is trying to make the Tesi 3D into a café racer with the launch of the Bimota Tesi 3D RaceCafe.

Powered by the same 803cc air-cooled v-twin engine that’s found in the Scrambler series, you can tell that Bimota is trying to latch onto the post-heritage trend that is dying a slow death in the motorcycle industry, but hasn’t quite figured out how to do it yet.

Arguably, the Bimota Tesi 3D is the worst platform in the Rimini company’s lineup for the café racer treatment, with the Bimota Impeto probably being closer to what Bimota fans are looking for in that regard; after all, streetfighters really are the modern day café racers.

Where does that leave the Bimota Tesi 3D RaceCafe? We’re not quite sure. It’s an interesting design to be sure, but it just doesn’t fit an obvious segment in the industry. We’ll have to ponder this one. Leave your thoughts in the comments.



Source: Bimota

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  • w4Nt_001

    mantapo guanasso !!! Toopppp… !!

  • El Apestoso

    I think Bimota should dump the Ducati engines with this bike, and stick an electric motor, or maybe that funky boxer from France into it. An unconventional chassis like this deserves an unconventional power plant.

  • coreyvwc

    They use Ducati engines because they are the only thing narrow enough to make this chassis work and feel right. Electric might be a cool idea though!

  • Jonathan

    It looks autonomous.

  • Campisi

    Bimota and Zero would make for a good partnership. Zero’s electric powertrain beats anything else in actual production right now, and could really shine with some decent design and chassis work.

  • chris

    peak hipster or maybe… hipsterissimo?

  • paulus

    So much cash… for so bland a power plant

  • Mike

    It fits the “what the heck is that? I better flock around it at bike night” segment of the market.

  • PierreLaPierre

    Its…well….how can I put it….with that front end that just doesn’t look right after all these years of trying that tesi thing …. not very good looking…or even a little ugly. And as for the engine choice…no no and no.

  • Statement Plus

    Pinnacle of hideous. These manufactures are making these odiously designed transformer esque motorcycles. The Yamaha MT-10, both Bimota’s, the CB4. But, if people like em ..sure. But the Bimota’s…just…stop.

  • John C

    stunning, remember seeing a yb6 years ago & hung about till i could speak to the very lucky owner.

  • grahluk

    If the minions of H.P. Lovecraft needed to ride into our dimension on two wheels this would probably be the suitable ticket.

  • Robert Kwolek

    I love it, my dream bike.