Bimota Supercharger Kit for Ducati-Powered Models

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Bimota continues to impress, ahead of the company’s new-model debuts at the 2015 EICMA show. Not only will Bimota have two new models to show us, the Bimota Tesi 3D RaceCafe and Bimota Impeto, but the brand from Rimini says it is also getting into the forced induction game.

As such, Bimota has developed its own supercharger, which will be available on all of the company’s Ducati-powered engines that are liquid-cooled, which effectively means the DB8, DB9, & and DB11, as well as Bimota’s models that will debut in Milan, Italy this week.

That should be good news to those owners, as the Bimota supercharger is said to add roughly 15%-20% to the maximum torque figure, as well as smooth out both power and torque delivery.

Bimota says the supercharger uses the geared drive train within the clutch cover to achieve the high rpm necessary to drive the blower. In addition to the hardware, Bimota has developed an ECU system to manage the supercharger, which can be access through software built into the Ducati data-logger.

The kit will be featured on the soon-to-debut Bimota Impetus “hyper-naked” model, where it’s said to be very effective. If news of a Bimota supercharger sounds familiar, it’s because it should.

Bimota first teased the idea of a supercharged model back at the 2012 EICMA show, when it debuted the Bimota DB11 VLX. Making just shy of 190hp, the DB11 VLX featured a Sprintex dual-screw supercharger, which we presume to be the same unit Bimota is offering now as a kit.

We eagerly await confirmation of that at EICMA. Now begins the speculation as to whether the Bimota Supercharger kit can be applied to Ducati’s liquid-powered machines. Hmm…

Source: Bimota

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