Obiboi Does a Bimota Moto Morini MMB-1

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Topically Moto Morini has been in the news lately with its rumored saving from the dustbin by Paolo Berlusconi, and as such Oberdan Bezzi has inked another sketch that sees the Italian manufacturer linking up with Bimota to create the MMB1, the first Moto Morini powered Bimota motorcycle. The pairing seems a bit odd, as Moto Morini isn’t exactly known for its amazing motor design, although we are a sucker for a good v-twin here at A&R. Additionally, Bezzi’s design reminds of sketches of his that we’ve seen before, surely in his imaginary world Bimota would find a new vein of motorcycle design to explore Moto Morini with?

In his owns words (translated by Google), Oberdan Bezzi explains the concept as the following:

We have previously considered the possibility of cooperation between Bimota Moto Morini and the creation of one or more models that could take the union between the life cycle of superfine Rimini and the powerful twin Bolognese.

But since the evolution of events and the Moto Morini likely arrival of a new owner, the matter could go to get interesting.
If Bimota to continue to be a brand partnership with all Italian and disengage somewhat from Ducati for the supply of engines, which is objectively not particularly beneficial.

And ‘the incontrovertible fact that it is difficult to buy a Bimota that costs a lot more of an equivalent model DUCATI given the same engine, refined chassis that gives the same performance driving and unfortunately the aesthetic gratification that is almost always benefit (personal opinion) models of the Motherhouse.
For Moto Morini, the union with a partner noble and famous brand and prestige of the engine would get its twin among those most prominent in the panorama of high-end bikes.

MOTO MORINI also Bimota could become “antenna technology” and engineering to develop new models all Moto Morini, which in the past this company has already done for other manufacturers.

In short, a marriage of convenience but could blossom “love” between two prestigious brands Made in Italy and bear fruit beneficial in the future.

As the first model, we reiterate (having already shown more) that we would see a good aggressive naked, well cared for and performing a lot, so much to launch a first gauntlet of competition both Italian and foreign!

We’ll see!

Source: Oberdan Bezzi