Bimota Teases Us with Some Blurry Photos of the KB4

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It didn’t take long for Bimota to respond to stories about its next model, the Bimota KB4, as the Italian manufacturer has released two photos of the bike on its Facebook page…sort of.

The photos are purposefully blurred, thus obfuscating many of the bike’s details, but we can see that the round retro-styled headlight from the concept drawings is still a prominent feature on the KB4.

Based off the Kawasaki Z1000 sport bike, the Bimota KB4 will be a full-fairing sport bike that should marry Bimota’s unique styling with the reliability of the Japanese, 1,043cc, four-cylinder engine.

Concept sketches of the bike look promising, and the model is a pretty large departure from the radical design we saw with the Bimota TesiH2, which featured a hub-center steering chassis design and a supercharged engine that produces.

By comparison, the 140hp that we expect from the Bimota KB4 should be quite tame, though we think many street riders will find it to be plenty enough.

Details are still tight on the Bimota KB4, but we do know a couple things about the bike. First, it will feature a chromoly steel tube chassis. Seocnd, suspension will be electronically controlled, and likely come from the Swedes at Öhlins.

The seat height will also be adjustable by rotating an eccentric system, which is positioned on the rear shock and swingarm. The foot peg position is also adjustable, again with an eccentric adjuster. 

It is not clear when we will see the KB4 officially unveiled, our soonest guest would be at the end of this year, and Bimota’s own words on its posting suggest that the bike still isn’t quite ready for its debut.

As we can see from the photos (or not see, as it were), the bike is certainly coming along. Stay tuned for clearer photos, when we get them.

Source: Bimota (Facebook)