Bimota Impeto, Supercharger Optional

11/17/2015 @ 2:49 pm, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS


The Bimota range has a long history of Ducati-powered machines, as the Italian brand has been used the most out of all the motorcycle manufacturers to power Bimota’s street and race bikes.

The Bimota Impeto adds another Ducati-powered model to the slew of others, but it differentiates itself as the only 162hp streetfighter in the lineup. If the Impeto looks familiar to the Bimota DB8, there’s good reason, as the two bikes share the Ducati Diavel’s Testastretta 11° DS engine.

As such, the chromoly steel chassis share a number of components, leaving most of the differences down to styling choices between the two liquid-cooled models. Our personal favorites are the exhaust and seat, which mirror each other with a rising flair.

In fact, the only thing we don’t like the ubiquitous LED headlight, which can be found on bikes that range from Harley-Davidson to Zero Motorcycles.

There are tremendous costs in developing D.O.T. legal headlamps, so we understand the choice, but it’s still a disappointing styling element for such an exclusive motorcycle.

Of course, the Bimota Impeto is compatible with Bimota’s new supercharger option, which should put power figures into the 190hp range. More on that, shortly.

For reasons we are not quite certain of, Bimota has supplied only the following three studio images of the Bimota Impeto, two of which are of the LCD dash display. They are though extremely high-resolution, for your drooling pleasure.




Source: Bimota

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  • w4Nt_001

    Wowww top markotop

  • coreyvwc

    No pictures of the mounted supercharger? :/

  • Jorge

    2007 Bimota bike show all over again, cept this is the DB7 with the fairing off. Hell, even the gas tank and tail piece look almost unchanged. Come on Bimota, those who can afford this won’t overlook the dated design that is almost a decade old.

  • PierreLaPierre

    Just my own personal opinion but the design just looks a little disjointed and fails to ‘flow’ like those of the recent MV’s. Seems to me the reason for buying a Bimota has been a little lost and well if you do then ‘exclusivity’ will be yours for sure because I just can’t see many moving with the fantastic offerings for next year. How long will Bimota survive? From what I’m seeing Pierobon are the new Bimota.

  • grahluk

    I like it. Even though it’s full of up market CNC farkles it looks more purposeful and sober than any of Ducatis current naked sports bikes. The first Bimota I’ve seen in a while that looks like it could be a very fun bike that gets ridden a lot.

  • The supercharger is optional, and not unique to the Impeto. I don’t know why other mags are reporting that this is a supercharged model.

  • Kanon Cozad

    I like it and the build-quality will be astounding. But…where to buy a Bimota in the US?

  • We’ll have some news on that, shortly.

  • I agree. The current crop of bikes are a little too close to each other, especially in chassis design.

  • Robert Kwolek

    I prefer this over any MV. Aggressive, edgy, all the elements gel together, and it isn’t covered in tacky plastic like MV does.

  • Alan Clarkson-Dodds

    Gorgeous, except for the abreviated tail and IPhone dash. Great to see Bimota still has balls.

  • Lazar

    What is the price of this model?