Bimota HB4 Moto2 Race Bike Officially Revealed

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Alongside the release of the Bimota DB8, the company from Rimini has also taken the wraps off its Bimota HB4 Moto2 race bike. We caught the HB4 out testing a couple weeks ago, and were under-impressed with the looks of the matte black bike (the name Bimota sets such a high standard after all).

Moto2 is supposed to be the perfect fit Bimota and its jaw-dropping chassis designs, where were the exercises of Italian sex appeal in the metal work? Now with some better lighting and some higher quality shots, we can see that the Bimota HB4 is a stunner after all. Photos and more after the jump.

Out of the shadows of the Italian track Binetto, we can see that the HB4 features a steel and cast magnesium trellis frame. Helping put the production-based Honda motor right where the team needs it, the chassis also features an adjustable steering head and engine mounts system.

The swingarm is impressively built, and features a linkage to the custom exhaust developed by Zard. Suspension is done by Paioli up front, and Öhlins in the back. 300mm Braking disc-brakes are stoppped by Brembo monoblocs to help slowdown the 297lbs motorcycle.

As only the 4th time a Honda motor has been put in a Bimota chassis, the HB4 marks a nearly 25 year drought of the Italian company sourcing its motors from winged-motor brand. Currently Bimota only offers Ducati based designs, which is a tradition that the company wants to breakaway from in the future. Rumor goes on to suggest that we could see an HB4 road bike in the works if Bimota’s Moto2 season proves fruitful.

Source: OmniMoto