Benelli TnT25 Coming to the USA

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Benelli motorcycles will finally be coming back to the American market, with SSR Motorsports taking on the importation and distribution duties for China’s Qinjiang Group – the owner of the Benelli motorcycle brand.

Benelli’s debut model in the USA seems set to be the Benelli TnT25, which looks suspiciously like the Benelli BN251 that we showed you back in November of last year.

If that’s the case, then it will be stark contrast to the Benelli we have been used to seeing in the US, namely an Italian brand that invokes all aspects of the Italian motorcycle heritage: utterly beautiful machines that are also notoriously unreliable.

A single-cylinder thumper with 25hp on-board, the Benelli TnT25 is not exactly going to turn heads with its spec-shett, though it does show a little extra bling over the BN251 model – namely, the front disc brake has been increased to a 280mm wave unit, up from the 240mm standard rotor on the BN251.

The design is attractive enough to entice riders, and the Qinjiang Group has consistently improved on its build quality over the past few years.

Benelli says that the TnT25 will be available in to the Americas, Asia, and Africa regions. We would be hard-pressed to imagine it living up to the lure of its namesake, the TnT 1130 series, though hopefully it will be more dependable than its predecessor.

While you stay tuned for pricing and availability options, there’s a promo video below that is allll about that Stunt Life.

Source: Benelli via CMG Online

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