Bakker RM-Z250R Moto3 Contender

12/02/2010 @ 8:16 am, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

The guys at Bakker have been busy this year, first bringing us a re-imagining of the Suzuki TL1000R, and now a turnkey Moto3 class contender. Noting that two-stroke race bikes are going the way of the dinosaur, the master frame builders at Bakker set out to make a four-stroke package that would fit into MotoGP’s Moto3 series and other 250cc single-cylinder racing classes.

Able to accomodate any manufacturer’s motor, Bakker has a Suzuki-powered model (the Bakker RM-Z250R) that’s been proven in the Open Dutch Championship (ONK) 125cc, the German IDM 125cc, and the UEM Supermono Cup. The Dutch company also has a Honda-powered unit that is ready to go for Moto3 competition when the rules switch in 2012.

Using a twin-spar frame and carbon fiber sub-frame, the Baker RM-Z250R weighs a featherlight 82kg (181 lbs). Additionally the rolling chassis comes with an adjustable ball head, as well as an adjustment for the position of the swingarm. Customers can have the chassis suit any motor they wish, making Bakker an ideal starting point for teams looking to race in Moto3.

With the stock Suzuki RM-Z motor making 35hp at the wheel, the four-stroke lump should have no problem pushing the minimalist Bakker RM-Z250R around the race course. Raced this year by Team Slooten Racing in the Open Dutch Championship (ONK) 125cc, the German IDM 125cc, and the UEM Supermono Cup, Team Slooten has plans to continue using the Bakker platform in 2011 as well.

Source: Bakker Framebouw

  • BikePilot

    Cool! I bet it’d be a blast at a local track day too. If they sold a version to suit a 450cc MX engine that’d be pretty awesome too for the track day rider – would allow use of an engine in a lower state of tune with less intensive upkeep requirements.

  • We are looking at the Moto3 championship and have in design a complete machine (chassis, engine / transmission and aerodynamics) in compliance with the rules specified by Dorna and the FIM.
    Bakker’s work as shown is very appealing but would be totally uncompetitive in the new formula.

  • Roy

    @bikepilot, I was under the impression the 450 engine can be fitted without much hassle.. heard the rider mention it for next years supermono championship.. mounting points and axle position seem to be equal? Have not checked up on this myself though..

  • Loyd

    I agree with Raddesign. The chassis and all the carbon parts LOOK nice. But on the other hand: That front brake and swin-arm for example……….