Ariel Ace – A Very Expensive Honda from England

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The wait is over to see the return to two-wheels by British marque Ariel, as the firm has debuted its very exclusive Ariel Ace motorcycle. Built around a clever modular design, something we have talked about at length here, the Ace is really more than just one motorcycle, and Ariel plans on making each bike bespoke to its customer’s wishes.

At the center of every machine is the 1,237cc V4 engine from the Honda VFR1200F, which is good for 170hp, with 95 lbs•ft of peak torque. Because the VFR’s engine is being utilized by Ariel, the British brand offers a dual-clutch transmission as one of the Ace’s many available options.

Would-be owners will have to decide a number of other options as well, most importantly what kind front-end suspension they wish to run. Ariel offers a traditional upside down Öhlins fork setup, but to be truly unique on the road, the Ariel Ace has an available custom girder suspension setup with an Öhlins TTX at its core. Rear suspension is supplied by Öhlins as well.

Holding everything together is a beautiful aluminum trellis frame, comprised of six sections that are machined to life from billet. Anodized to fit a customer’s tastes, the modular chassis design also has mounting points for a variety of options and accessories, such as different bodywork, fenders, fuel tanks, handlebars, rearsets, seats, and wheels.

Other trimmings include Nissin six-piston calipers, though Brembo brakes can be added at a customer’s request, with ABS as standard (as is traction control). Those looking for a data-logger can have one installed as well — because you know…track days.

Like its four-wheeled counterpart, this Ariel motorcycle might be the most expensive Honda you will ever come across — it certainly is more than the sum of its parts though. With the Japanese OEM’s dead-reliable engine technology, coupled to Ariel’s refined British tastes, the Ace is very attractive motorcycle to behold.

No word on pricing or availability as of yet, though we imagine Ariel will ship the Ace wherever fine motorcycle connoisseurs reside. With all the options at hand, pegging a cost to the pocketbook isn’t a straight forward affair to begin with on the Ariel Ace. If you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it…and other clichés apply.

















Source: Ariel Motor