Ariel Ace R – More Sexy for the Sexiest VFR1200F

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For some, it is a challenge to get excited about a motorcycle like the Honda VFR1200F. The porker of a street bike as strayed far away from its sport bike roots, and yet confusingly isn’t a terribly effective tourer either. The market response reflects this confusion, but I digress.

It is however easy to get excited about the Ariel Ace, a motorcycle that features a repackaged VFR1200F motor wedged into a bespoke aluminum trellis frame, with the usual top-shelf drippings offered, along with a very unique streetfighter design.

Taking things to the next level now is the beautifully done Ariel Ace R, which comes with carbon fiber fairings, carbon fiber wheels, and a tuned V4 engine that produces 201hp and 105 lbs•ft of peak torque. Only 10 Ariel Ace R will be made.

To help coax Honda’s 1,237cc V4 engine from 173hp to 201hp, Ariel enlisted the help of Mark ‘Brains’ Woodage of MJW Specialists. Mark’s day job sees him as the Technical Director of the Honda SIC Moto3 Racing Team, so that bodes well for the Ariel Ace R’s quality and reliability.

On the chassis side of things, the Ariel Ace R comes with a revised headstock angle, Öhlins suspension, and beautifully done carbon fiber wheels. Other niceties that carryover from the other Ace models are the single-sided swingarm, six-piston Nissin calipers, and a megaphone exhaust.

Available in Spring 2017, you will need £49,995 + VAT to get your hands on an Ariel Ace R. So, start saving.










Source: Ariel

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