Aprilia RSV4 XTrenta – The Ultimate Track-Ready Superbike

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Aprilia is making a tradition out of track-only specials for a discerning few (take a loo at the Tuono X and RSV4 X, and the latest iteration of that thought is certainly a stunner. Say hello to the Aprilia RSV4 XTrenta.

Only 100 units of this track weapon will be made, and in order to put one in your garage, you will need to shell out €50,000 (excluding VAT) from your pocketbook.

For that exclusivity and that chunk of change though, you get quite the potent superbike.

Aprilia is claiming 230hp from the 1,100cc V4 engine, with an aerodynamic package that looks like it came straight from the Italian firm’s MotoGP race bike…probably because it did.

As such, we see the Aprilia XTrenta being the first superbike to sport a chin-spoiler (Aprilia has a number of aerodynamic “firsts” to its name, mind you), along with prominent front winglet, side-body strakes, and a tail section with shaping wings.

The whole package tips the scales at 365 lbs (dry weight), with help from the carbon bodywork from Pan Compositi.

The increased engine power comes from a bumped-up compression ratio and titanium/carbon exhaust from SC-Project. Other go-fast bits include a Sprint air filter, and larger water and oil radiators from Taleo Tecnoracing.

For some extra bling, there is a titanium rear sprocket from PBR, a JetPrime dash, and a number of aluminum bits from Spider (footpegs, levers, fuel cap, etc).

Suspension is still from Öhlins, but it has been massaged by the hands at Andreani. Braking is also done still by Brembo, but with  GP4-MS calipers mated to 330mm T-drive steel discs.

Wheels are forged magnesium Marchesini M7R GENESI rims with Pirelli Superbike slick tires mounted, and save 4kg of rotating and unsprung mass, compared to stock.

The Italian’s boast that the newly designed front wings increase downforce while sacrificing less drag, compared to the production model.

The new rear wings on the tail and the chin-spoiler (aka “The Spoon”) for the rear-tire are market-firsts for a production superbike. These innovations offer an aerodynamic load increase of 25%, while reducing drag by 4% – pushing the performance of this fire-breather RSV4 even further.

This is no mainstream machine though. The Aprilia XTrenta is hand-built by the Aprilia Racing group in Noale, and commemorates the 30th anniversary of Aprilia’s first World Championship title.

Chances are that by the time you’re reading this, you’ve missed the very limited window to buy one, and that’s a fact worthy of a Greek tragedy.

Source: Aprilia