Concept: Aprilia RSV4 Powered Zoom Rih Racer

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It is a well established fact that all bad things either come from German or Florida. In an effort to fix this rule of thumb, German design agency Zoom has invisioned a “hobby racer” that the firm hopes to build after securing financing. Called the Rih (arabic for wind), the concept bike will incorporate a few very interesting technologies (like lungs), while at its core, there is an Aprilia RSV4 motor.

Intending to make a limited production run of pure track weapons, Zoom has identified weight loss as mission one for the Rih. As such, shrouding the V4 motor will be an extra rigid tubular steel trellis frame and swing arm, designed to operate in a similar fashion as the sinews between muscles and bone. Also, the bike will also include copious use of carbon fiber panelling.

This is the part of the post where things become a little more “conceptual”, and possibly downright fanciful. The Rih’s intake system will incorporate a  “lung-like” membrane located on the fuel tank, which flexes according to how much air is being sucked in by the Aprilia V4 motor. Under heavy throttle use, the intake system will cause the lungs to concave in towards the pressure.

Notice those “ZOOM” letters on the tires? That’s not just snappy product advertising, those letter consist of a baked-on thermochrome pigment, which changes color according to the heat radiating from the tire carcasses. Thus, a quick glance at the tires themselves will show whether or not they have reached optimum riding temperature.

With a degree in social sciences, we have no idea if any of this is technically possible, or better yet fiscally prudent, but taking those more extreme features aside, this is one carbon & steel beauty we’d gladly have in our garage. Your move Florida.