Aprilia RS 250 SP Finally Gets a Price Tag: €9,700 – Ready to Race

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At the 2019 EICMA show in Milan, one of the surprises we saw in Italy was the Aprilia RS 250 SP motorcycle. A race-only machine, this quarter-liter four-stroke motorcycle from Noale is designed to be one thing: a cheap racing platform for Italy’s future two-wheeled stars.

Built in partnership with the FMI (Italy’s motorcycling federation) and Ohvale, the Aprilia RS 250 SP promised to be an affordable turnkey race bike, which would compete in a spec-series in Italy next year.

While we knew a bit about the bike’s technical bits, the one key feature missing from the Aprilia RS 250 SP’s debut at EICMA was its price. But now, we know that too: €9,700 – ready to race.

For that coin, you get forged aluminum wheels from Marchesini, a rear shock from Öhlins, forks from Andreani, an exhaust from SC-Project, brakes from Brembo, and racing slicks from Pirelli – which make things a very Italian affair.

At the heart of the bike is a carbureted 250cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine that is good for 28hp (20.5 kW), which isn’t mind-blowing power, but plenty enough to be the training tool that it is designed to be.

Tipping the scales at 230 lbs dry (105 kg), the Aprilia RS 250 SP is quite light, and bike looks very much the part when examined up-close. Designed by Aprilia, built by Ohvale, this Italian race bike has lived up to its promise to be a sub €10,000 racer.

We are very certain that there won’t be a street version of the Aprilia RS 250 SP for consumption, but it would be interesting to see if Aprilia/Ohvale make the model available outside of Italy. The rest of the world could use a budget cup bike, you know.

Source: Aprilia